Smart Ways to Negotiate Medical Bills for Less than You Owe

Negotiate Medical Bills

A substantial medical bill may surprise you no end. A huge medical bill running into thousands may throw a shock. There are many instances when patients suffer a jolt when the medical bills arrive. A huge medical bill for healthcare services can be a result of erroneous billing also.

A balance bill is a term that is used with a surprise bill. However, the two times is a bit different. In balance billing, insurance pays part of the bill, and the patient pays the remaining half. Get in touch with ClaimMedic- a service that knows how to negotiate medical bills with insurance.

1. Study the Medical Bill Properly

Hospitals and doctors may charge for services, supplies, and various procedures. Even the hospital administrators who look after the daily affairs may make mistakes in making out the bill.

There are many reasons for a huge bill to pop up at your door. Wrong entries, excess billings, new additions, etc. you have to be extra careful when you get an outrageous bill. You need not pay the amount if it’s erroneous.

When you get the bill, you have to peruse it carefully. You may notice some discrepancies. Once you find out, you get the power to negotiate the bill amount.

2. Explanation Of Benefits EOB

Insurance companies mostly use the term explanation of benefits or EOB. It is a statement from your insurance company that explains that medical services are covered. And you also come to know form this statement how much amount the insurance firm contributed.

There are specific rules to follow here. You are liable only to pay the balance amount on what remains after the insurance company pays. Typically, you will receive an EOB first, and the actual bill will follow the EOB statement.

This bill comes directly from the insurance provider or the hospital facility they work for.

3. Gather All the Relevant Information

You have to collect all the data that you need to support your contentions. You also have to have to find out about your resources to make a payment. Get a clear idea and work out the cost of the treatment and the procedures. As an alternate, you can even refer to the Healthcare Bluebook or Fair health consumer websites. The online information can help you know about the average costs of medical procedures in your neighborhood hospitals.

Now you have got an idea about the range of charges. Please go through the bill when it comes to you from your provider. Check the rate your health plan pays or what the service at in-network facilities charge the patients. You may be balance billed if an out-of-network provider attends to your treatment. It may happen that you may not know this fact. You can begin your negotiations to reduce the bill when you learn about this fact.

4. Speak To the Concerned Persons

Keep your inflated bill in front of you. Also, arrange all your related documents in front of you. The papers may include your insurance card and any other relevant information. Call the person on the other side of the billing dispute. Politely talk to them. The person at the other end may not have an idea.

No matter what, make notes of all the information you exchange over the phone. Note the details of the call, including the time and the day. You may need the power of this information later.

The information you receive may help you negotiate.

5. Try and Negotiate the Debt

Try to settle your vast medical bill. The best time when you can do this is before you receive any medical care. If you think you cannot afford the entire cost of the necessary treatment, ask about reducing the cost. You can even ask for a flexible payment plan.

Providers may try and negotiate once the bill is issued. You can consider asking for a reduction in fees if you make early bill payments. Or you can even set a re-payment plan that spreads across a more extended period.

If you are made to do the rounds, seek professional help and assistance from ClaimMedic.

To Wrap It Up

There are instances when a patient may receive such an enormous bill. Here the reference is to a situation when a patient gets a substantial bill when they are treated by an out-of-network provider at an in-network facility.

You try and work out every possible way to reduce the massive and shocking medical bill that comes over to you. However, if all your attempts fail to work, it is time to contact ClaimMedic. The services of ClaimMedic help you gain an edge and get the power to negotiate medical bills for lower costs.

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