NEET New Tentative Dates Are Out, Aspiring Doctors Gear Up For Last-Minute Preparation

The schedule of all the exams is delayed due to the lockdown that is persisting all over the nation. But now the students who are aspiring for NEET are getting a piece of good news about the date of the exam. Union Human Resources Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal announced the exam date that would be 26 of July 2020.

All students must be relaxed by getting the information. But the flow that the lockdown and uncertainty brought in the student’s life must have affected their study routine. At this peak moment, it is very necessary to collect all of the knowledge that a student has gained during the whole year of hard work and preparation.

A student must keep in mind that a good and strategic study can bring them a good score in the exam. Recollecting all the study knowledge is very necessary. So, we are here to provide the best ways to do the last-minute preparation for such a high-level examination.

There are many tricks that a student can implement to study NEET effectively


These 3 are the golden rule to restart the study routine. A student must sit comfortably with a relaxed mind and look for the strategy that he/she should adopt. A good evaluation of the topics is important. Students should select the topics first in which they need some more practice. By that way, a good grip can be formed on particular topics which a student may find tough earlier. It is better not to waste time on the concepts which are already clear in a student’s mind.


A good revision is very important to prepare for NEET. It is proven psychologically. Also, that revision decreases the anxiety that a student may develop during the time of the exam. Also, by revising, a student develops the confidence to crack the exam, which is a primary requirement for such a national level examination. A student must keep in mind that it is not the time to start the topics from scratch, so he/she should focus more on the revision process.


If you are to taste success in life, a good and firm routine is very much needed. By this way, a student can become more focused towards their study and make them less distracted. As we all know that the human mind can be easily distracted but when a student decides to develop the proper routine, then a productive study can be possible.

It is not going to help a student to have an unfixed routine as the chances of getting the disturbance in body cloak as well as mind cloak can be possible and it can become the reason why a student would not feel like preparing. So, develop a good routine which suits your body. Some students like to study in the morning, and some can concentrate well in the night, so let it be. There is no need to push your body. This will help study NEET effectively.


Many students can forget important information by getting anxious. And it is important to stay relevant and confident upon the knowledge that you have acquired during the exam. Focusing more on the important formulas is very important. A student can write all the important formulas on the paper and revise it after waking up and before going to bed. It has proven the best strategy to revise and develop the concentration towards the particular study material. As in the physics and chemistry part, mostly numerical can be seen which require the formulas to solve, and students can easily crack those questions if all the formulas are on the tips.


A student can attain the best knowledge, and they can trace the information permanently in the mind if learning has happened through the diagrams and graphs. This will make the concept clear, and the chances of forgetting the information are much lesser. The particular concept that was understood with the help of a figure can activate both the visual and learning stimulus in the brain. Thus it that automatically recharge our mind to memorize more information rather than having the information taken by visual and learning process separately. So, make diagrams and rough figures to do better learning to study NEET in a better way.


It is important not to leave yourself with doubts on any concept. A student should make sure to clear all the queries before the examination. Interviews revealed that many students told about the questions that they had seen in the exam whose concept was doubtful while they were preparing and they made a mistake not to clear them and their ranks were severely affected. So, it is very important to clear everything about the concept.


Taking care of health at this point is necessary to crack entrance exams like NEET. Healthy and good eating habits can make a person achieve so many things in life that they want. It is not important to spend so many hours studying continuously without taking any break and worrying about the exam. Rather a good sleep and short naps of 10 minutes after every 2 hours of studying are required. Eating green vegetables, soups, fruits etc. can help to boost the energy and this kind of food will help a student to remain calm and composed during a stressful time.


A good conversation about your feelings with your family is good. As this is a stressful time which can be easily understandable but talking to the family or good friends can make a student tackle these kinds of feelings. By that way, a student can find a support system and it will boost up their confidence level. So, we will never suggest a student cut out from the outer world to do study. In fact, a good balance is very much required. Afterall confidence and happiness can do wonders and help a student to take them towards their goal.

So, just relax and prepare without any kind of worry. All the aspirants have enough time to windup the syllabus for NEET.