National Pollution Control Day: Everything You Need To Know About This Day

National Pollution Control DayNational Pollution Day is observed on 2nd December, every year in India. It is celebrated to educated people with proper knowledge about the effects and the problems related to pollution. It is extremely hard to control and handle the Pollution situation when there is a huge effect of pollution on the environment. Pollution is the result of burning fireworks, harmful gases from automobiles, bomb blasting’s in some areas, and many other reasons. 

The problem of pollution is rising day by day in many countries around the globe, and it is very important for their respective governments to stop pollution by implementing proper techniques. The government has many good plans to reduce pollution and its effects on the country. 

It is very necessary to control the pollution for making the environment safe and healthy to live in. Every human being deserves to live in a clean and healthy environment. It is of utmost importance to educate people about how can we reduce pollution and its aftereffects to make this world a proper living habitat. Like in the Delhi region, there is the highest pollution index all over the country and soon in the world, due to the worst air index, people are getting exposed to many diseases.

So, the government has come up with various rules and regulations to reduce the effect of pollution by limiting the automobiles on the road. Due to this decrease in the vehicles on the road, pollution will be decreased, and people will be able to live a healthy life.  

Celebration of the National Pollution Control Day

It is utilized to make people understand the harmful effects of pollution on the environment. It is hard to have control over the pollution level, but one can try and control pollution using some good plants and strategies. 

People are curious about reducing pollution, but it’s not possible to reduce pollution by small activities for reducing pollution. Pollution control measures are such as using public transports or the following carpool, reducing the use of products generating high pollution. It can be reduced by treating solid waste through proper scientific methods that are scientifically tested for reducing pollution. 

There is a number of chemical factories producing deadly and dangerous gases. So, these factories are given notice by the government to take proper measures to operate and not let these harmful gases leak into the environment and make people sick and also make them dead.

National Pollution Control Day is to provide people with a healthy and safe environment using proper planning and techniques by the government for the sake of people. It is very important for everyone to take care of nature and help keep it clean and pollution-free for all. 


It has become the most important to control pollution to make this world a better place for us and for the coming generation. For this, every one of us has to come together and take care of our planet.