What can be the greatest gift to mankind? It ought to be Mother. Nothing can fill the gap of a mother’s love and affection. It is considered to be the purest form of love. Many people have heroes in lives and mothers are quite common a hero in everyone’s life. If strong is a word and bold is the description, then “Mother” is the personality.

Mother’s day knocking at the door, everyone is busy shopping and planning for this day. If someone is from Delhi but is away from the city for any reason, don’t worry! Now Mother day gifts to Delhi are possible with the growth of online gifting trends.

Mother’s Day

Here is a list of five ways of saying Thanks to Mom on this great occasion

1. Wrap the love in a Pashmina Shawl

Mom’s love apparels and what better way than showing the care by gifting a Pashmina shawl that every mom craves to have. Even if there is one in the closet, having another one will add more love.

2. Plants for the Green Thumb

Although it is a stereotype though women have a green thumb and in the category of women, mothers top the list of gardening from planting to maintaining. Gifting a plant that will remind of the moment can be a great thought. Never tried before? Well, it is an adored and loved gift that has been catching attention.

3. Collage

Showing the collection of memories that will recreate the past can be an impeccable idea to bring into reality. Collage is the way one can amalgamate all the pictures and memories and with a unique tag or caption that talks of a mother’s strength and constant support can win the soft heart all over again.

4. Smartphone

This can be a practical and useful gift on the great Mother’s Day. As the world is ruled by the smart gadgets and everyone person in two knows the operation of a smartphone, gifting this to a mom and showing that her cool and trendy nature is appreciated can be a big boost for the lady.

5. Flowers

If gifting flowers is on the card, then why not do that and unwrap happiness with the fresh fragrance. Gifts to India from any part of the world are possible and gifting flowers is one of the most common online gift options. Flowers can make anyone’s day as mothers love the purity and color showered with the appearance.

Throughout the years since the birth of a child, a mother is the one who wakes and sleeps with the peacefulness and sleeplessness of the baby. Now it is the right time to prove gratitude to this strong and bold lady who has had the moments of all the leaps and bounds and yet maintained a smile on the face.

That’s the greatness and selfless love of the mothers in the world that this day is celebrated in honor of women without whose existence, the world will cease to exist.

Cheers to Womanhood! Cheers to Motherhood!

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