Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There is no doubt at all that mothers are special. They are and should always hold a special place in everyone’s heart.  Also, they do a lot to keep the family going. They are in so many ways the constant source of happiness and inspiration at home. Surprising your mum with a gift every once in a while is, therefore, a noble idea. It gets better though when you remember her at a time when all mothers on earth should feel special – Mother’s Day.

Surprise her with a gift. She will love it and remind you too how special you are to her. One good thing about the day is the fact that you do not have to spend a lot. Then there is the fact that a mother will appreciate any effort from her child. With that in mind, consider the following Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Live plants

There is something about live plants that is special. For starters, live plants are always a constant reminder that someone somewhere cares. So buy your mum a potted plant. Each time she waters it, she will remember how much you care for her. You will then notice that of all the live plants she may have, the one you have her will nourish and remain healthier compared to others.

That is because the live plant holds a special place in her heart as a treasure from her little one. One important thing to keep in mind though is where your mum lives. Think too of the live plant and how easy or hard it will be for your mum to water it.

Personalized items

It is hard to ignore or rather say no to personalized items. You look at them once and all you can remember is the person who surprised you with the item. Again here, you do not have to spend much. Go for personalized jewelry if you can afford it. If on the other hand, you are cash strapped, go for simple yet adorable personalized items. Personalize a diary or a journal for her to keep.

Has it calligraphed with her name?  You can also consider buying her a set of mugs or even a watch with her face on it. The bottom line here is to be simple and creative. Remember to also check what mothers day gifts to Bangalore has to offer. You will certainly find something memorable for her there.


This is by far the most common idea world over. It never gets old and never fails to impress. It is simply what mothers like. But try the best you can to think outside the box. A good way to go about it is to take her out and shop with her. Give her much your time that day. Then while shopping, go for simple yet adorable items that you know for sure she will love. A bottle of wine would be ideal if she loves wine. Then to ice, your cake, surprise her with a big Mother’s Day cake and cut the cake together as a family.