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Modern Interior Design – It’s Style and Characteristics

Home is a place which one wants to be picture perfect. These days people leave no stone unturned to ensure that the decor of their blissful abode is done in the most aesthetic way. People hire the services of professional Residence Interior Designers who can advise them on which decor style they should opt for their homes.

There are a number of different decor styles. These include contemporary, traditional, minimalists etc. One of the interior design styles which lures number of people is the Modern Interior design. Modern means something that breaks free from something that has been going on for ages. Modern interior designs mean path breaking new designs which have appeal and charisma.

History of modern Interior design:

This form or style of interior design started to gain popularity in the late 19th century and early 20th century. It reached its pinnacle in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This is the reason that this style or form of design is also known as the mid-century designs.

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Now for the characteristics of modern interior design!

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1. Forms and surfaces:

If you check with any Residential Interior Designers and other major cities in India they will tell you that the shapes mostly include geometric shapes. The curves will be smooth and even. The surface is flat and you will not find any broken lines etc.

2. Simplicity:

Modern designs are simple. You will find that they are not loud or gaudy. They make use of minimal things in an aesthetic manner.

3. Use of materials:

Architects and other major cities make use of modern designs in a big way. There are a number of different materials used in modern designs. The most familiar material used is wood. It is normally painted to give that even finish. Glass and plastic are also used in a big way in these modern interior designs as they help in giving a smooth finishing. Metals like stainless steel is also used in these type of designs.

4. No place for clutter:

You will find that in modern interior design there is not much use of accessories. Like you will not find rugs and pillows or you will not find pots and vases etc. Gadgets and other things will most of the times be placed in shelves or in closets.

5. Use of neutral colours:

Most of the times the colours used are neutral colours. Black and white are also used in case of modern interior designs.

6. No place for heavy textures:

You will find that in modern interior designs there is no use of heavy textures. It is a combination of clean smooth lines. Whether it is shape of furniture or shape of the room you will find that there is no additional detailing involved.

Modern designs for your home:

Keep in mind that modern interiors designs include a number of facets. It is one of the most popular design styles according to many Interior Designers. They are the perfect designs for those who like the design to have an aesthetic appeal but at the same time it needs to be minimal.

Opt for a good interior designer for getting that modern touch:

If you want the perfect designs for your home then instead of trying out something on your own it is better to take professional help from reputed interior design firms. You can discuss your ideas and needs and then a good interior designer will give modern shape and definition to these ideas to give you the perfectly designed home.