Architecture and Interior design takes a very keen and knowledgeable eye. We may be out shopping and see something we love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look perfect in our home.  Interior designers understand how color, lighting, room size, scale, and placement all affect how items look in a room and dictates whether they will make or break a room design.

There are a lot of common mistakes that almost everyone makes when designing their interiors. Here we look at the  most common mistakes and how to avoid making them:

  1. Scale :  Scale is the hardest interior design trick to accomplish. This is probably the case because it takes a talented eye to decorate a room with impeccable scale. Some people put too many small things in a room, thereby cluttering the room and not giving the eye a place to land.While others put too many large, bulky items in one room, making it look stuffed and small. With the right scale your room is well on its way towards a successful design.
  2. Arrangement of Accessories and Collections : Arrange your collections properly. Scattering them throughout the home is a big decorating mistake.
  3. Add Character : Character takes time to build. Don’t make the mistake of buying everything all at one place and one time.Build a character for your space to further define the design essence which may be Traditional, Modern, Contemporary etc.
  4. Don’t completely rely on your design skills : Not hiring architects and interior designers is the most common mistakes made by many.

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