Get Offers with Microsoft Surface Book Promo Code from MS

Surface Book is a new addition to the family of Microsoft crafted devices that has always made a mark on the minds of tech lovers. This ultimate laptop which comes in the shape of a tablet is powerful enough to meet your professional as well as personal needs. The screen powered with pixel sense technology is detachable and can turn 180 degrees around only to be connected to a keyboard.

You can also use S-Pen with almost 1024 pressure levels for smooth writing on the screen, and touchpads so that you can use it both as a laptop as well as a tablet. The resolution is marvelous and the Intel Core processor makes it even more powerful in performance than the Mac Book Pro. Further, if you are worried about the price, avail the offers given to you by Microsoft through surface book promo code and bring it home paying a much lesser price.

Microsoft Surface Book Promo Code

Store your work

You can store a lot of your work inside the device since it has 128GB hard disk and open lots of programs simultaneously due to its 16GB RAM installed inside. The NVIDIA graphics would make your games appear even more interesting, and you can keep on working for 12 hours due to its incredible battery life. The fulcrum is dynamic and can hold the device at any angle suitable for you.

Due to its high tech configuration, you can put in heavy software like AUTOCAD, ADOBE PREMIER and many more to continue with your work. Microsoft has successfully given you the right to use Xbox along with Surface Book which allows you to relax on a lazy day and enjoy some great games of your choice. Can you imagine anything better than this?

Security features

Take huge security features from Windows 10 installed inside and thus your work continues everywhere irrespective of your location. You can now login with a smile because the device uses the face recognition technique of Windows that remembers several faces, and thus every member of your family can have a secured profile as you wish.

All these features that the device provides to you are sure enough to make the price of Surface Book higher than its counterparts. The fact is that too-however, thanks to the Microsoft Surface Book Promo Code that can slash it down to an incredible figure. You will get it at any retail store of Microsoft which is established at all major cities in the world.

In case you are not ready to invest that much time, search online. You will get lots of options and thus can simply choose the ones that you find profitable for you. But whatever is your choice-don’t delay. The reason is easy enough to understand-demand here is much more than the supply and thus you should not be astonished if you find that the codes have exhausted within a few weeks of their declaration. Search for them, collect and redeem them at the counter in order to get the best discount and thus enjoy an all-new digital life with the best hardware device from the best company in the world.