Just like thousands of Microsoft brand lovers all over the world, if you happen to be one more, then Microsoft Surface Studio would be a great device to own! You can rest assured about the high price because the features are quite on a higher side as well, but there isn’t anything to worry about, as Microsoft has announced several Surface Studio Promo Code offers through which anyone can get great discounts while making the final payment. So enjoy the 28-inch pixel sense display, powered by the 10-bit color depth and 1.5-megapixel resolution while you are working or enjoying your favorite movie or TV show, on a lazy afternoon.

Microsoft Studio

NVIDIA Graphics

The device has been given the best of technical excellence, through NVIDIA graphics, Intel generation 6th i5/i7 quad-core processor, a hybrid hard drive of 1TB and whopping 2 GB RAM for the best experience that a user can get from a device of its stature. This allows you to run high-end software which was not possible at all in a configuration less than this.

You will also get Dolby digital audio system, 1080p HD video and 5MP camera that gives you the same feel of a face to face meeting even if you are in a video call with your clients or share your work online with your colleagues. Further, you also get the Windows Hello face sign-in feature for added security purposes along with the TPM chip so that you can protect your work at an enterprise level.

Work Faster

When it comes to accessories, no one can give you a better deal than Microsoft Surface studio. You will get the Surface Pen that has the ultimate pressure level of 1024 for natural writing as well as a working eraser. Surface Dial would give you a list of radial menu that can allow you to work faster on certain heavy duty apps. What can be better than this?

Apart from this, you will also get USB ports, headset jacks, mini display ports, and SD Card readers for additional plugins. You may also expect ergonomic keyboards and mouse so that it becomes ideal to be used to with Studio. So don’t ever forget to get this before you start working with the beautifully crafted device from Microsoft.

Suitable Coupon Code

You should also not forget to get a suitable set of surface studio coupon code before you pay the final price as well. These codes are announced by the company at regular intervals in order to ensure that the customers can get the best of the deals from them and hence continue to be brand followers. If you are confused that where to obtain them from, search online where you will get some exciting offers designed by the company.

You might also get them at the retail stores of Microsoft which you will get at any of the big cities. Don’t waste your time, as the offers won’t last longer than a few weeks of their announcement. Hurry up and grab them at the earliest so that you don’t miss out on the best offers from the best digital company in the world.