Microsoft Office 365 University subscriptions through Office 365 University promo code is an excellent deal for college students and teachers who want to explore Office benefits along with extra SkyDrive space.

Microsoft launched Office 365 University exclusively for students, university faculty members, and staff, which consists of latest office applications that can be run smoothly on 2 PC’s, MAC’s, Tablets ( Windows, Android, iPad), and on 2 Smart phones. It features like 4-year subscription, 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage, Exclusive upgrades, latest and full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, Publisher and Access ( for PC ) etc. makes Office 365 University virtually helps students get things done at their fingertips from anywhere and at any time. For eligible college students or faculty members that starting price is $79.99 and for availing future discounts Office 365 University Promo Code can be bought into use.

If you are a student then, why investment in Office 365 University is worth it:-

Universities students can enjoy latest 2016 version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access etc. which can be directly downloaded on your devices and you can easily work in offline mode as well. You can install and take full advantage of Office 365 University on various devices. This office suite is available for 2 PC’s, MAC’s, Tablets (Windows, Android, iPad), and on 2 Smart phones.

Office 365 University comes with cloud-technology which allows you to access your important official documents, videos, photographs, and other multimedia stuff stored on 1 TB of cloud storage from anywhere and at any time. You can edit these important files and share them on every device. You will never face the issue of the old version which can put your system to some malware risks or can harm your devices. You will always have an up-to-date version with every new upgrade keeps adding in Office 365 University.

What Office 365 University includes:-

  • The Word for creating, editing, and sharing important documents.
  • Excel for visualizing and analyzing data in intuitive ways.
  • PowerPoint for giving shape to your ideas and collaborating your presentations with team members.
  • OneNote to never let you miss any note or idea through the digital notebook.
  • The Outlook for organizing e-mails, remaining in contact with colleagues, employees, vendors etc. and for co-coordinating schedules.
  • Access (for PC only) for creating custom database apps.
  • Publisher (for PC only) for creating and sharing professional publications through powerful tools.
  • OneDrive for 1TB OneDrive cloud storage
  • Skype allows students and Office 365 University users to make video-calls and audio calls with 60 monthly Skype minutes.
  • 4-year subscription of Office 365 University helps students get the thing done quickly and effectively.
  • Students have to undergo a credential verification process to get their hands on Office 365 University subscription. For eligibility criteria check Microsoft website.

Through Microsoft Office 365 University promo code eligible students, faculty, and staff can get the subscription at discounted prices but for now the office 365 University versions costs around $79.99.