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Developing nations constantly feel the heat of chronic diseases, paired with an increasing burden from many consumable diseases. mHealth market addresses several problems in the health market by using mobile technologies such as cellular phones.


Furthermore, mHealth apps market supports both clinical and health care in response to the burdens pose by them. Research analysts at Allied Market Research (AMR) eyeing the industry share and size, market value and trends say this technology would be widely available and play a vital part in the health market. Known for publishing reports that outlines the potential, promising segments and growth rate of the sector AMR is confident that rise in mhealth apps market size will be felt at the individual, regional and community level.

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Adoption Rate of mHealth Devices Market

At present over 65 percent people in America are using some kind of mobile application to track and monitor their wellness. On the other hand, about 60 percent are ready to spend on mHealth that comes with advance healthcare, monitoring, reporting and other related capabilities. Currently, the most sought after applications are the ones that can track and report weight and calorie intake. About 52 percent of users who invested on devices to track their daily calorie intake were shocked to find they consumed more than they expected. Moreover, 22 percent found they were less active than they had imagined.

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Patients Options Expand in mHealth Market

The usage of mobile health products and services by patients have increased over the past five to six years. Eyeing this many service providers have started building solutions by using technology to lower costs, boost care management and improve results. Moreover, with the growing emphasis on educating and engaging patients, they are slowly on track and understand their own health data.
Patients can now access readily available tools from the comfort of their home on their mobile phones to self-treat, self -test as well as self — diagnosis. In addition, the capability to self — monitor one’s wellness, whether through a mobile application, sites and in-house systems, is enabling patients to select and decide when, from whom and how they intend to receive care.

Patients can now select conventional in -person services at care facilities such as hospitals and clinic by easier virtual visit. Some of these popular solutions consists of MDLive, Doctors on Demand and Teledoc. Another service named Heal or Pager have made patient’s access to healthcare services.
Competitive Landscape of mHealth Market.

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