Mercedes-Benz Sl Class- The Wonder Car That All Dreamed Of

Most of the kids born in the 1990s whoever had some interest in the luxurious vehicles grew up dreaming of the Mercedes-Benz SL Class which was undoubtedly the coolest of all models that the automobile industry has seen. People dreamed of owning one, and those who had one luckily flaunted it with all style. Those who are fond of remembering remarkable moments in the history, never forget of the year 2003, when the new SL came out with a retractable hardtop, and it was a mesmerizing sight to see it pass by.

Now that fifteen years have gone, how far is Mercedes-Benz SL Class worthy of the market? The saddest part is, the model is headed towards oblivion. You might not be well aware of the history of SL Class, but knowing it will help you understand why it was directed towards extinction.

The history of the SL Class dates back to the 1960s when the first model was dubbed as ‘Pagoda’ after the shape of the roof. The model that followed the Pagoda was the 190SL which within no time grew to be the favorite in the Hollywood. There was a wave set forth where Mercedes-Benz Greensboro NC could see itself to be the only brand in the market, and the models that rolled out in the industry back in the 1970s were to some extent capable of keeping this wave alive.

But there was a paradigm shift in the industry over the last few years, and that is precisely where the Mercedes-Benz SL class fell apart. The Porsche 911, which is claimed to be the only rival that threatened the existence of the SL class started getting bigger and more luxurious that it was. When the first SL Class with retractable roof rolled out for the first time in 2003, the Porsche 911 now, was then the 996. And it was still more of a Sports vehicle than a luxury one. But now that you get to see the 911, no one is going to agree with the statement anymore. Whether it is the ventilated seats or the sound system that has been integrated into the 911, the luxurious experience has been enhanced to an entirely new level. Let’s face reality- when compared to the super cool sports cars, the luxury segment has always had a better demand in the market till now.

There’s another refreshing change in the demand and attitude towards the luxury cars that have been noticed. The generic idea of the Sports vehicles has been entirely done away with. Back in 2003, the world couldn’t even imagine that there will be an Audi R8, and having an SL Class back then still made some sense. Standing in 2017, when Mercedes-Benz service has themselves added the AMG GT sports vehicles in the lineup, it is quite evident that the SL Class is going to face some existential crisis. However, one thing that cannot be denied is even though the compatriots like Jaguar XK and Cadillac Eldorado have wholly died, SL Class still survived, and that proves the solidarity of the brand.