Have you ever try to memorize Quran Online but after a couple of months or years you just don’t remember anything? Or you can even remember what you have memorized the part of the Quran last week and you don’t remember it anymore?

Memorize Quran Online

The problem of forgetting the Quran

Forgetfulness undoubted is natural in man, and man is only called insaan because of his forgetfulness (nasiy). Normally this varies from one person to another, according to the differences in the capability of the memory that Allah has created in his slaves.

 The reason may also be to give the Muslim a strong need to recite the Quran more frequently so as to achieve the immense reward for every letter that he recites. If it were the instance that he could memorize it and never forget, he would not need to read it most often and then he would miss out on the reward for reciting and reviewing it regularly. Fear of forgetting will make you keen to recite it so as to take more reward with your Lord.

The hadeeth explained by al-Bukhaari from Ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), that the Messenger of Allah SAWS (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The likeness of the one wholearn Quran orally is that of the owner of a hobbled camel. If he tends to it regularly, he will keep it, but if he lets it go, he will lose it.” (Al-Bukhaari, 5031).

Reasons why usually People Forget Memorized Quran:

  1. A major reason is that people frequently involved in some kind of bad activity, where you do major sins and getting more and more involved. Remember that Quran every word is Noor (light) and it keeps our life delightful and pure our heart.
  2. You have started not revising Quran at all, it could be because you get so busy in your life E.g University or full time Job and cannot spend time on Quran revision.
  3. According to Islamic scholars if your earning is haram, it affects your soul and make it weaker, and when it has less religious power you even cannot worship with heart and in this result Salah, Quran, etc seems difficult and you don’t feel like to do it.
  4. Procrastinations; the major reason for forgetting Quran when you have learned it orally and start being lazy revising it. A capable hafiz never seek comfort, and if you want to be successful in every field you have to say No to any comfort.
  5. Always keep in mind that revising is more important than new memorization.

Solution: How to Memorize Quran Online and never Forget it:

Make some goals in mind when you start Quran learning, or to start online Quran Classes without setting goals, it’s going to get difficult and unclear and there will be more and more opportunities for you to give up, set a goal, for example, you will memorize 10 pages in 20 days, and when you attain your goal then value yourself and be thankful to Allah SWT.

Try to stay away from any major or minor sins because now you’re trying to and In shaa Allah going to become a preserver of Quran, so you are a fair person, now you have more responsibilities.

When you Pray Namaz (Salah) try to recite the new Surah in every Raka’ah in this way you can revise memorized part of the Quran without sparing more time.

Try to eat halal, drink halal and even don’t watch or see anything haram and stay away from the absurd talk.