Marketing is a window to reach a wide range of audiences and make outreach for the products that an organization has to offer. The consumer-company relationship may work with an aim to increase the value of the company. Marketing is meant to affect the society at large thus it depends on analyzing the markets to be targeted and the methods to influence the public. Marketing was earlier limited to the production and selling of products during the 1950s but soon emerged to contemporary approaches of societal and business in the 1980s. Current strategies include marketing mix which is the mix of business tools used by marketers in the concepts of marketing.

Students pursuing Marketing courses need to face Marketing Dissertations at some point or the other. They often get confused about how to choose the Marketing Dissertation topics that would be the highlight of their dissertation. Moreover, with the current trend of the consumer markets going digital – businesses are now shifting towards this form of media to showcase their products. Thus, writing on Digital Marketing Dissertation topics is the trend these days.

Digital Marketing activities mainly involve techniques such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine  Marketing (SEM), Campaigning, E-commerce Marketing, and others with mobile phones being the major influencer in the process.

The major advantages attached to digital marketing are round the clock customer interaction and easy accessibility. Every second person on this planet is connected with some sort of digital media or the other which has opened doors for this type of marketing.

Furthermore, organizations can use social media platforms for customer feedback and target the required audience. These platforms help to create brand awareness that spreads like fire throughout the world within minutes and can help to raise the profile of a particular organization.

Channels play a major role in digital marketing, thus it is imperative for the advertiser to decide among the desired platform. These range from E-mail marketing, social media marketing, Online PR through video advertising, and others. However, digital marketing comes with its sets of drawbacks as well which include advertising getting affected due to poor internet connections, increase in the threats of fraud sites that may affect the community that buys goods online.

Marketing has become a global phenomenon. Management students who wish to be successful in this field need to understand the current trends in the global market and should incorporate fresh perspectives towards marketing. For the students who are still at academic level, Marketing Dissertations are ideal to show their understanding of the consumer sector and the challenges faced by the businesses in the long run. Moreover, they can even target a particular market section and analyze the social, economic and political factors affecting it.

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