Anniversaries are an important date to remember. It’s the acknowledgement of the day you and your partner decided to commit to one another in love and respect. No matter how short or long you have been together, it’s important to make the day a special one to show your loved one just how much you appreciate them. If you are stuck for ideas on how to make your anniversary a memorable day, here are a few ideas you can use.


Take A Trip

A trip for the two of you is a fantastic way to spend some time together. It becomes especially important if you live busy lives and don’t take much time for yourselves. You can reconnect, bond, and strengthen your trip away. You should take into consideration places your partner loves when choosing a location. If he or she loves the beach, a resort in Carlsbad could be the perfect location. Mountain retreats are perfect if you already live on the coast and want a different kind of getaway. Or you can always visit a place that you have dreamed of always visiting together. If you both are super adventurous, hang a map on the wall and throw a dart at it. Wherever the dart lands is where you head off to.

Send Something Special

Besides taking off for a romantic getaway, you can find different ways to send anniversary wishes for your loved one. You could create a video with pictures of the two of you from the beginning until now. Include funny moments and every milestone you two have met while together. While flowers and chocolates being delivered are a tried and true way to express your appreciation, consider something a little bit different. A “bouquet” made with their favorite fruits can be an exceptional way to show your love.

Recreate The First Date

If you really want to impress your partner, recreate that very first date! Not only will it show your partner how much you appreciate their time spent, it can really rekindle the romance. Romance isn’t always dinner and dancing. If your first date was a rock concert then find a rock concert to go to. If you went hiking, take the time to hit the trails. Bring some wine and cheese with you for a lovely picnic along the way. Of course, we recommend you ditch any travesties that may have occurred during that first date.

Give Them The 4-Star Treatment

Take some time and pamper them. Decorate your bedroom with rose petals, candlelight and thermal curtain panels. Give them a massage and prepare a warm bubble bath for them (don’t forget to offer some assistance!). Play your favorite music, your song, or something light and sweet. Dance all around the room. Act as if it is the last time you will ever see them and tell them everything you want them to know. You could even write a poem for your partner.

Spend Very Little

If you don’t have much time or money, you can still make the anniversary special without spending very much. You can do simple things like make them their favorite dinner or take them out for their favorite breakfast food. Tell everyone you are going to go away, then stay home. No phones, watch movies, eat to your heart’s content, and just love on one another. Or tour your town like a tourist and see all the things your area has to offer. Go bowling or some other activity you don’t get to do very often. Try out a new activity you both haven’t done yet.

No matter what you choose to do, the love you pour into it should be obvious. It’s your special day and if you do all the romantic things your partner loves, they are sure to reciprocate as well.