Using whiteboards is a conventional method of communication in meetings especially in schools. Most corporate firms also utilized the whiteboards in the 20th century before the invention of the magnetic erase boards. For most office owners, they prefer using the contemporary magnetic dry erase boards to the traditional whiteboards. Firms that incorporate the magnetic erase boards as part of their accessories don’t only make the place look classy but also accrued other benefits. For instance, there is an improved speed of doing things when in meetings. Unlike the traditional whiteboards where one had to have a duster to wipe of the ink from it, the magnetic erase board only needs you to move a lever, and the content written on the board is immediately erased. Who would not want such technology in their office space? If you are wondering what benefits you would have by buying a magnetic dry erase board as compared to the traditional whiteboards, the content of this article will be helpful for your understanding.

Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

Absence Of Ghosting

It is overly annoying to write on whiteboards and leave behind marks that cannot be erased. This is common when a   permanent marker is used to write content on the traditional whiteboards. Without using the right type of marker, you will find yourself needed extra energy or tools to remove the ink of the permanent marker. Ghosting is a common occurrence for many whiteboards that were used traditionally. This does make the office space look unattractive when marks are continually left on the whiteboard. With the magnetic dry erase boards, there is no ghosting since the marker used is different. The technology used in making the marker makes it only erasable using the magnet. There is no real ink used. This is more suitable and does not have complications of ghosting. For office owners who need to upgrade from the traditional whiteboards to the magnetic erase boards, they would enjoy this benefit as long as they maintain the boards in good condition.

They Are Flexible

Do you use magnetic visual aids in your office meetings or classroom? Well, this is a trend that has been adopted by many employers and educators to enhance the quality of learning. Most employees or students learn better when there are visual aids involved in the teaching. With this, traditional whiteboards did not allow for the use of the magnetic teaching aids. They could not stick and the individuals presenting specific work would be required to draw whatever they wanted to explain to their audience. With the improved technology of the magnetic erase boards, it is possible to utilize magnetic visual aids to enhance how you communicate to your employees or students. The visual aids can then be flexibly moved around the magnetic boards so that they can create different scenarios. This is a primary reason why the magnetic boards have become more popular compared to the traditional boards. This is a reason enough for you to upgrade from that traditional whiteboard to the magnetic tape which is more modernized.

There Is Higher Durability

Durability is a factor every home, or office owner looks for when buying working tools. Traditional whiteboards were mostly made from wood which was well furnished and polished. They were then coated with a slimy coating so that they would be easy to write on. However, with the continued use of the whiteboard, it becomes difficult to maintain the smooth coating on it. This way, if the surface of the whiteboard gets worn out, it becomes difficult to write on it. It is overly annoying to keep writing on surfaces that are not smooth enough during a presentation. Most magnetic boars are made from transparent glass board. This means that the glass is more durable than the traditional wooden or plastic materials that were used to create whiteboards. However, tempered glass has to be used for the clear glass board to improve its durability. Since the tempered is more resistant to wear and tear, an office owner would enjoy a prolonged period of service from the magnetic whiteboards. It is important always to check the durability and type of glass material that has been used in making the magnetic whiteboard that you are interested in.

They Are Customizable

Traditionally, the whiteboards were just “white.” There was no alternative of having another color for the boards since the technology was still at the development levels. The whiteboard can be monotonous when used continually in a particular setting. To avoid any form of monotony, you should introduce whiteboards that are colored. This is a possibility that has been brought to life with the introduction of magnetic erase boards. Most office owners prefer the colored glass board due to the elegance that it introduces to your office space. Mostly, the color of choice can be painted on the magnetic whiteboard depending on the preference of the owner. The color selected however should not be overly shouting and should allow for proper visibility when being used. Also, for the colored glass boards, you will need to ensure that the lighting is well installed to provide a friendly environment.

Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

Easy Communication Within The Office

Do you always need to pass information in your office through the use of memos or sticky notes?  This is s   common practice by departmental managers in the corporate firms. Most managers find it necessary to furnish employees with much information to enhance their productivity in the long run. Writing information on traditional whiteboards to be read by employees can be tiring and monotonous. However, having just to print notice and stick it on the magnetic whiteboard is much easier. With the glass dry erase board, it is possible to adhere to the information written on paper on them. This way, the information is accessible to all the employees within the office and one does not need to keep writing eh the same thing in every department. This is considered as one of the most appropriate methods of ensuring the employees communicate fluently with each other without having to write on the whiteboard. Also, it provides an opportunity for different employees to post relevant information on the magnetic boards instead of having to wait for information to be erased so that they can write as it was with the traditional whiteboards.

Tips On Using The Magnetic Whiteboards Effectively

With the technology incorporated on the clear glass boards, it is necessary to ensure that you use it in the right way to avoid damaging it. An important tip to note is that you should not use markers or objects with sharp edges. Sometimes, when the glass used is not hardened, it is possible to create marks on the board. This makes it unattractive and ineffective to use in the classroom or office space. Also, always use proper lighting when using the clear glass boards in your presentations. Using poor lighting will only result in poor images of your writing which might be inconvenient for your audience. Further, when buying magnet letters or shapes, ensure that they are strong enough to be attached to the board. Some may have weak magnets and may not be effective for presentations.

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