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Last year, people over 65 spent £6.5 billion (₹618 billion) on clothing alone, proving that fashion and feeling beautiful isn’t just for young women. This summer’s trends of airy, comfortable clothing are perfect for older women who still want to keep up with trends, and older women who defy trends aren’t behind: they’re timeless.

Mature Fashion Missteps

Turning 60 doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on fashion. Before you retreat into knitted sweaters, remember that Helen Mirren became the face of L’Oréal UK at 69, proving to the world that age isn’t the same thing as beauty. You can still be gorgeous and on-trend in your later years – but there are a few things to avoid. Don’t let your age dictate your style; instead, dress in clothes you like. The loose, comfortable sundress you wore 30 years ago is still a classic – pull it out of your wardrobe and try it on again!

Step Into Summer In Classic Style

Don’t be afraid to wear the classics: after all, they’re classics for a reason. Knee length skirts, Palazzo pants, or a gorgeous saree are all beautiful no matter your age. Remember, you aren’t dressing to hide your age, because it isn’t something you need to hide. If you want to draw attention away from a particular part of your body, try a loose cover, like a scarf or jacket. Alternatively, you can use jewelry and accessories to accentuate other parts of your body: a well-placed necklace can draw attention away from the shoulders, for example. Especially in the hot summer months, you shouldn’t be afraid to show a little skin – make yourself comfortable, and you’ll feel gorgeous.

Rediscover The Makeup You Love

As makeup trends become bolder, there’s never been a better time to break out your old makeup kit. A light BB cream can help protect your skin from the summer sun while smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines; adding a matte coral or grapefruit blush will help your skin look brighter and more vital. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try a classic bold red lip – as timeless as you are – or, if you’d rather keep it subtle, a nude lip gloss. White eyeliner along your waterline paired with a lengthening mascara can help your eyes pop and make you look more awake. Of course, there’s always the option to try something completely new for you – but the classics are always timeless.

As you get wiser, you don’t have to retreat into ugly dresses and fashions that went out of date in the 50s, and you don’t have to become invisible, either. Just follow a few simple tips and you can be an everyday Helen Mirren: your body shouldn’t be hidden from the world just because you turned 60. You can still be stunning, and you should treat your clothing as an opportunity. Older women are elegant, classy, and with a little extra attention to fashion, you can feel like your old self again.

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