Moon Sign and Leo Horoscope

Leos, you are the most generous and charming souls, with a need to lead and a wish to leave your mark wherever you go. There is an intrinsic desire to rule the world, your social circle at the least. Leo free horoscope natives make a bold statement with their fashion sense and high-priced labels do not deter them. There is however a tendency to be driven towards outward appearances than inner beauty.

Thus, you end up being prone to having mean friends who don’t support you when in need. When it comes to jewelry, you would rather pick up a chunky and bold piece, maybe a beaded one over something delicate like a pearl.

Bravery and a self-driven attitude are your biggest strengths. You are not someone who would run away from situations as you face challenges head-on. Nevertheless, you tend to be bossy and braggart about your achievements. Being the king of the jungle, you tend to lead your family. You are the planner of the major family functions. You give instructions and others follow you. Find out more about your daily occurrences by visiting the Leo daily horoscope section.

Habits of lunar Leo

The guy who you saw shouting to his driver on his iPhone is most probably a Leo. It is perfectly natural for Leo to show off, for they have the creativity, charm, exuberance, and a royal feel like a celeb. But intrinsically, you are a little insecure and seek attention. If you have a Leo friend and want to make them happy, shower them with compliments. Be a critic and you are out of their life. Leo sleeps tight and quick unless something is bothering them, such as a hard comment from the boss. You like bedtime, but only if you can sleep on the most glorious of linen and pillows.

Food Preferences

You entered the hippest and chic restaurant in town with your entourage, dressed up to the nines, but unfortunately, no one noticed. And where are the paparazzi? Never mind for you did manage to grab attention as several people recognized you later and stopped by to say ‘hello’. You ordered that sparkling wine and probably the best in everything from starters to desserts.

And did we mention that you tipped the waitress too generously? You benevolent souls. A piece of advice though, Leo tends to be ‘loud’ sometimes in an attempt to seek attention. Just avoid doing that for your personality speaks for itself, and a lot louder for that matter. And yes, you are a connoisseur, but don’t worry because your fitness routine will take care of your waistline.

Health and beauty

Leo tends to have a lot of energy that needs an outlet. Conventional workout routines do not strike a chord with Leo. A trendy fitness plan or routines like Aqua-aerobics, Zumba, Power Yoga, or Kickboxing complement their idea to remain fit. Regal sports strike their fancy, those associated with the wealthy classes such as golf, polo, horseback riding, and yachting. Beauty for Leo is of the utmost importance. You touch up your makeup a number of times when attending social events, for you are very conscious of your looks. You don’t mind spending hours in front of the mirror to appreciate your beauty yourself.

What your home may look like

Leo’s idea of a perfect home is not a home indeed; it is a castle. They seek to build a regal and luxurious place or palace in fact, that they can take pride in. There are likely to be a lot of trophies, photographs of achievements, and sports gear at their home. There should be some space allotted to get their creative juices flowing.

Since Leo tend to be well-versed in art forms, especially performing arts, a screening room with a little stage and home theatre would be like a dream come true. In everything from furnishings to home essentials, there will be a sense of majesty and opulence. You like to redo your house every now and then but when it comes to cleaning it, you intrinsically know that cleaning is not something a king would do on his own. Never mind, there is always someone else who does it for you.

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