LetterPress Printing : A Traditional Wedding Cards Printing Technique

Traditional Wedding Cards

Tying the knot is a dream moment for everyone and people don’t leave any stone unturned to make it perfect in all the possible aspects. There are several elements in any wedding ceremony determining its success or failure including wedding cards, venue, dine, decoration, dress, and many others. While talking about invitation cards, it is a vital section as this leaves the very first impression over the guests about your event’s grandness. Invitations should not be finalized in a hurry, but proper care is needed. One of the considerable aspects is the printing style of your card.

There are several types of printing styles in trend for wedding invitation cards, and here we will discuss the LetterPress pattern.

Oldest Traditional Style

LetterPress is the oldest traditional style of printing wedding cards that started in the 15th century. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and moveable type, which changed a lot of things and brought a revolution in the printed world’s mass distribution. It also resulted in literacy among people at ease. It also gave birth to a special relief printing style, i.e Letterpress Printing. Its concept was to generate multiple copies of printed document by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper.

The style of printing wedding invitation cards got faded after the innovation of the latest techniques and styles. But, it has come into the limelight again nowadays, after some wedding stationery providers started using this for invitations. The specialty of this printing style is that you can feel the intend of design by running hand on paper. You can leave an unforgettable impression on your invitees with letterpress printed invitations because these come with luxuriousness, grandness, traditions, and sophistication included.

Quality of paper

Other than the design and appearance, the quality of the paper is also a high class in such designer wedding cards. It is also because a low quality paper can’t withstand the pressure of the printing process. Earlier only a few pre-determined styles types and fonts were available in this, but now a high number of designs and font styles can be used in letterpress printing.

Going for a letterpress printing style for your wedding cards will let you impress your guests with a great grandeur. The style is not at all old fashioned despite being old styled and comes along with history and traditions associated. Now coming to its cost, it is always over than average price for wedding invitations. There are several elements causing the high cost of these cards including your own unique stamp, custom polymer plate, unusual textured paper, soft & thick card stock, and others.

Vintage theme

Well, although letterpress printing is special and unique, it is best suitable for vintage themed weddings. It can be used anywhere, but its pattern and style suit perfectly with vintage theme. This style of wedding card printing comes with formality and elegance whilst retaining simplicity.

So ask your wedding stationery provider to provide samples of letterpress printing for your wedding cards to make it memorable for long time.