Despite having some similar elements, every tattoo is unique. There are many best free handwritten fonts such as cursive handwriting tattoo fonts to settle on for your Tattoo. You can find many tattoo artists expert in their own personal styles. However, a person wearing a tattoo might also have a personal tattoo style and Choosing Perfect Font For Tattoo is very important. Apart from that style, the position and skin type are some other factors to be considered if you want the best results.

Choosing Perfect Font For Tattoo

Some people want words, some want pictures and some want both. Even when a picture worth a thousand words; words are deprived of the real meaning without the right font. The tattoo can convey its meaning only and only when it seizes the attention. Otherwise, it is just a tattoo.

There are thousands of cursive handwriting tattoo fonts available for lettering. Choosing one of these fonts allows you to add your personal style to the words.

Let’s see some factors to consider

  • Type of font
  • Typeface style
  • Serif or sans serif
  • Text fitting to the body part
  • Kerning
  • Words outlining or shadowing
  • Pictorial content (if any)
  • Solid, shadow, or shade colors
  • Visual emphasis on the message you are conveying

Why do you want a text tattoo?

People getting tattoos have some genuine reasons for text tattoos such as:

  • A memorial tattoo to remember some loved one who has passed away
  • Celebrating the birth of a child
  • Displaying some motivational quotes and some sayings
  • Highlighting names and dates
  • Honoring celebrations such as personal anniversaries

Unusual Modern Scripting

We, humans, have a never-ending desire of having a unique or unusual appearance. You can find an uncommon saying and enhance it with an equally unusual font. Make sure that you are ending up with a truly unique and meaningful tattoo.


It is a word you can read both forward and backward.  You can read it from right to left or left to right. The meaning remains the same. It can also be made by intertwining two words. If you love word games, you can tattoo your ambigram.

Cursive handwriting tattoo fonts

Scripts are always unique. A tattoo artist can use flowing, elegant, and curving lines to add his own flair to the script. This font is an adaptation of cursive handwriting you have been taught in your school. The diversity of this style brings plenty of options. There was a time when this style was used in Church writings and official documents. Cursive is the most preferred style for bearing names and memorial tattoos. Some decorative flourishes can add a personal touch to the tattoo.

Using Handwriting for Tattoo’s Script

Using handwriting offers the best way to preserve memories. This can make the tattoo more meaningful and improve its uniqueness.

  • You can bring some handwritten samples of your loved one and the tattoo artist can copy that.
  • You can also bring a letter, some old card, or any other document written by your loved one.
  • A tattoo artist can also use someone’s signature.

You can also make use of a tattoo font generator such as Rhonna designs and download digital fonts. And, in the end, make sure that there is no spelling or grammar mistake in your tattoo. Always work with a certified tattoo artist who uses non-toxic tattoo inks and uses tattoo ink that is safe and suitable for skin type.