Factories are the workplaces of each company. All the manufacturing of the products is done here. The plans and ideas build in the offices are implemented here. Enna gives you the opportunity to visit the world’s class companies’ workplaces. If you want to visit all these places you can join us at Lean Japan Factory Tours. Don’t get too late to grab your tickets. Few of our wise customers had booked their seats before. First come first will be served in obeyed at lean.

Types of tours:

There are two types of trips that one in which we take groups to visit the beautiful country Japan and the other one in which we take individuals according to their requirements mentioned in the tour descriptions. This offer is only available at lean, you will not find such an exciting proposal anywhere else.


We offer you to customization option on you headship programs. Here you can customize your tours i.e. your visits and meeting with professionals. This means to design your own tour in which you will choose the factories which are mostly liked by you and the places, you can also decide your meetings with the field specialists you like most. From this option, we give the flexibility to access any industry or process. You can choose any level of training in japan i.e. from self-learning to executive mentorship. We also offer technical certification programs so that you can develop your own internal trainers to lead future renovations in your business.

Important for Trading:

Our tours are so important and informative that it can change your vision about the industry and make you a responsible part of the market. Factory visit may give you a lot of knowledge. That knowledge is the key to the door, if opened success will become the compulsory part of your life. This offer is for our every customer whether it belongs to the small organizational group or a big fat party. Everyone is treated equally on the trips.


Visits are effective and informative. You will visit the factories of those companies which you mentioned in the customization plan submitted to us. During the visit at the factories you will meet the workers who are working day and night to maintain the current status of the company. After having a conversation with them you will come to know about their hard work and devotion to the work. They all are working on the laws of kaizen culture and obeying the Hoshin Kanri. These two factors are the basic cause of their success. If you also apply these two factors at your place you will also start progressing. Your workers will also start struggling and a visible change will be seen after it. The field specialists whom you want to meet will answer your questions which may arise in your mind during the visits.