Latest Trends in Indian wedding

Indian weddings- the usual Indian wedding cards, lots of ceremonies, vibrant colors, bold décor…isn’t this how we imagine a usual Indian wedding? Well… well… well… the trends are changing and so are the Indian weddings. Yes instead of all those bright lightings and “extra bright décor”, Indian weddings are adopting something more subtle and serene for a warm ambiance. Want to know more about the latest trends in the Indian wedding, continue reading the post:

Indian wedding cards

Some really cool art with Mehendi designs

Indian weddings have got the whole list of pre-wedding and post-wedding events that you will surely love. One of them is the Mehendi ceremony. This ceremony is where the bride applies beautiful henna on her hand and legs. This is considered auspicious. As per the latest trends, you can see some really cool artistic designs in Mehendi. The bride and the groom as well love these Mehendi designs. As per this trend, get ready to see every bride adorning her hands and legs with beautiful bridal Mehendi designs.

The secret tip is you can get these interesting designs applied on your hand too. After all Indian weddings are not just about “bride and groom” it’s about everyone who is a part of it.


Dangling decors are gaining quite popularity in the wedding. The wedding décor has always formed one important element of the entire wedding. What’s trending is usually you can see at the wedding. This trend is gaining quite popularity not only in Indian wedding décor but on a global level. People from all around the world are adopting this trend as their “wedding décor”. The best thing is it’s not restricted to any particular form of elements to be used. You can use anything, flowers, lights, chandeliers, even danglers built of “laces and gotta-Patti”. Discuss what you are looking for with your decorators and they will suggest you more ideas about these dazzling danglers.

Serenity is the new “cool”

From the archaic times, Indian weddings are associated with “LOUD and BOLD”. The Loud is used in the context of our music and fun and ceremonies, the bold in the context of colors which we considered auspicious for weddings. But as per the latest trends in an Indian wedding, you can see the inclination towards light and pastel shades. Instead of bright tones and hues, couples are choosing lighter hues like peach, beige or even white. These colors make the whole environment more serene while adding a subtle flair in whole wedding décor. Proper lightings make it more drop-dead gorgeous for evening ceremonies.

Quirky wedding invites

This is yet another trend that is gaining quite popularity in an Indian wedding. Instead of going with all conventional Indian wedding cards with motifs of Lord Ganesha, people are choosing something totally different. Like the Indian wedding invitations designed on the basis of a “poster of a Hindi film” or wedding cards designed in the style of “card games” and more. “Quirky is the new “LOVE”.

So get all ready to see something unusually alluring and trending in all the Indian weddings…