Latest Technology That Will Enable Faster And Better Internet

It is safe to say that Internet is one of the best inventions of man but by far, only 50% of the people around the world have access to quick and quality internet connections. Internet has proven its worth and the demand for the same is ever growing and thus companies are looking out for new technologies that will help in better internet connectivity and reduce the gulf between the places where interne is yet to reach.

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Technology is being taken to another level with the idea to provide better connectivity; you can find solar-powered drones, or high flying balloons flying high in the air that is being used to provide better connectivity. All the technology that is being developed has a single aim, i.e. to connect the world via internet. And latest technology news updates show that there has been a considerable development in the area.

Latest technology

Li-Fi taking over the Wi-Fi

A French company has developed a new technology that they call Li-Fi or Light Fidelity, where they use the flickering rate of the LED lights, which is not visible to the naked eye. The frequency of the LED bulbs is quite higher than that of the radio waves that are currently being used for the Wi-Fi connections. The technology can transfer 1GB data per second, proving it to be the fastest connection yet. Only limitation of Li-Fi is that it requires light to transmit signals and thus, it cannot pass through the walls and such, thereby, limiting its use to a specific area. It works best for high security areas since the signals cannot be intercepted beyond a certain point.

Project Loon – flying balloon

Google is a step ahead of others when it comes to technological updates and advancement. Even before others moved towards high tech internet connectivity, it had started Project Loon that uses flying balloons to provide internet connectivity in areas where there is no or spotty internet access. This project gained momentum in 2003 and is picking up new technologies to make it even better.

Faster Wi-Fi by MIT

Last year, MIT announced a big breakthrough in wireless internet which is said to 330% faster and better than the current speed. They use multiple transmitters and receptors that simultaneously receive and relay data, thereby, increasing the quantity of data in the given bandwidth. This technology is sure to provide better connectivity and faster speed by relieving congestion and distributing the data differently.

Flying drones

Facebook has been the market leader for bringing in people together and closer and the vision of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg was to bring people closer via internet. And it seems that he was able to do so. The company has launched high power giant solar powered drones that beam out internet accessibility around the globe and they have named them Aquila. Aquila is a wide winged drone that has a wingspan that of a Boeing 747. Although, the drone was flight-tested in 2016, there were many errors and the company is working towards tackling those errors and coming up with better and advanced version of the same.

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