With less than two weeks left for the board exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, there are high possibilities that most of the students might be nervous since, it is the one of the first major exams to appear in their life. Students need to understand that there is nothing unique to be uprooted to shine like nobody else. All that needs to be followed is already taught and explained in the class and now you just need to revise all the important points from CBSE Syllabus.

Points to remember for every subject.

  • Make sure that you are perfect with all the diagrams in geometry.

  • In construction chapters, show the rough work clearly on either side of the solution.

  • Write every step clearly with highlighting the important points.

  • Doesn’t matter which subject, write in your best handwriting and show that you are very much interested in writing the answer for every question.

  • Maintain a uniform flow and neatness in your work and try to make minimum gaps and strikethroughs in your answer.

Prepare a timetable in such a manner that every subject is covered. Note down all the units that you are prepared well. Accept the challenge and make a proper strategy to tackle the papers with ease. Give equal priority to every subject since it is not of your hands to prioritize a subject over the other.

Revise NCERT textbooks

Make sure that no matter how many reference books you have referred, you cannot skip the important points along with exercise questions from NCERT Books.

Practice Writing

Since you will have to write enough content in the exam, it is necessary that you are used to write answers and have enough practice. The more you practice by writing, the better gets your speed along with improved writing skills.

Sample Papers

CBSE releases latest sample papers every year for every subject. It is recommended to solve as many previous year question papers along with latest CBSE sample papers that gives you a better idea on mark’s allotment along with important questions from every unit.

Take care of your Mind and body

If your health is fine, you can give your 100% in preparation. But if you don’t take care of your health, your mind won’t support the efforts you put in. Don’t forget to drink enough water in these last days and take minimum 6 hours sleep.

Amit Paliwal

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