Kruger Park Safari Package

South Africa is a beautiful place on Earth. If you want to watch Nature in its full splendor, there is no better place on the planet. You can have the view of the South African forests in their natural glory. You can experience the beauty of the wild animals in their natural habitat. You may not be able to watch some of the exquisite animals anywhere else in the world. Hence, any visit to the country would be incomplete without experiencing the thrill of the Kruger National Park Safari packages. You would have an out-of-the-world experience, as you would watch the animals at close quarters in their habitat.

The thrill of the safari:

Until now, you would have watched the lions in a caged enclosure in the zoo. It is natural that you would have thought as to who crowned the lion as the King of the Jungle. The lion would naturally look feeble and weak in a zoo. When you come face-to-face with the majestic lions in Kruger Park, you would understand the magnificence of the lion’s posture and gait. You could see the pride in his demeanor at this point.  Now, you will never question the logic behind the fact that the lion is indeed the King of the Jungle. You would marvel at his majestic behavior.

Have you ever dreamt of taking a photograph of a rhinoceros staring at you right in the face? These Kruger Park Safari packages provide you the experience of walking step-by-step with the magnificent rhino. Of course, it would be dangerous to venture too close to take their photographs at close quarters. You should check out with the local guide before you venture to do so.

Elephant Rides

One of the best highlights of the Kruger Park safari is the elephant rides. You can have a view from a tremendous height. Naturally, you would need to view things from an imposing height as this African bush has some very tall grass indeed. It would give you the feeling that you are lording over the jungle. It is truly a heavenly experience.

The Kruger National Park is the home to a large number of wild cats in the world. It is a tad difficult for you to spot the leopard amidst the tall grass. The local guide has the ability to smell a leopard. He would be of tremendous assistance in helping you spot one.

In addition to these top animals, you can always encounter buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, and monkeys. These Kruger National Park package holidays would be a great opportunity to understand these great animals at the closest quarters. The organizers of the safari are a disciplined lot in many ways. They do not allow a single person more than the stipulated number of six people in the open jeep. You should follow their rules for your own safety.

Facilities for the tourists:

The safari organizers have excellent arrangements for accommodation for the tourists at the safari. In addition to the elephant rides, they have the helicopter flips, and the hot air balloon rides as well.

While on the safari, it is always good to have an extra pair of clothing. You never know the fickle nature of the weather in the forests. It could pour down anytime.


This safari would make you realize the futility of the Man in capturing these magnificent animals and confining them to the zoos.

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