How To Know Which Skip Bin is Best For Your Project

Many people have been spending more time at home due to the global pandemic. People have had more free time than usual, which has meant a significant increase in the number of DIY jobs happening in homes across the country. People have seen it as an excellent time to tackle those jobs they have been putting off and even take on bigger jobs than usual. If you are planning some renovations of DIY at home and will need a skip, here is everything that you are going to have to consider before you order one from a reputable local company. Read our guide to know which skip bin is best for your project

Which Skip Bin Is Best

Guide to Know which skip bin is best

Read below to know which skip bin is best for you.

How Big Is The Job?

Before you start your search for skip bin hire in Ipswich or wherever you live, you will need to consider the size of the job you are doing. The bigger the job means the more waste there is, so you may also require a bigger skip bin, and you are also going to have to think about how long you will need it for, which can affect the price. When you understand these factors, you will then need to think about the size of the skip bin you require.

The Different Sizes Of Skip Bins

Skip bins come in various sizes, from ones suitable to small domestic jobs to industrial size bins. Some of the different available sizes are as follows:

  • 2 Cubic Meters – Suitable for small jobs and can hold the equivalent of around eight wheelie bins. 
  • 3 Cubic Meters – A little larger and often available with a lid, this size skip bin can hold around nine wheelie bins worth of waste. 
  • 6 Cubic Meters – This is the standard size of a medium skip bin and can hold the equivalent of 24 wheelie bins of waste. 
  • 10 Cubic Meters – This size is a medium to large skip bin which is suitable for larger jobs and can hold around 40 wheelie bins of rubbish. 
  • 15 Cubic Meters – This is a large skip which is more common on commercial jobs and can hold around 60 wheelie bins of waste. 
  • 25 Cubic Meter – A large industrial size skip bin, not the biggest of them all but it can hold around 100 wheelie bins of waste. 
  • 31 Cubic Meters – The largest of the skip bins which is used on commercial and industrial jobs and can hold around 125 wheelie bins worth of rubbish. 

It is essential to note that if you place too much rubbish in your skip bin which exceeds the top of it, your supplier may refuse to take it away. As such, you will need to choose a skip bin that is a little larger than your needs, to be safe and ensure you have enough room. 

Where To Put It

You are also going to have to consider where you are going to place your skip bin carefully. You will need to ensure that the vehicle has easy access to drop off and load the skip bin, while it is also convenient for you to fill up. If you are going to have more than one, this is also a consideration and the company will usually drop off an empty skip at the same time as collecting, so you may need to ensure there is double the space available.