Know How Many Years Dental Implant Last

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We all know that dental implant is the best option for long-term tooth replacement. However, we are not sure about how long the dental implant last. In general, implants are designed to last a long time, which is more than 25years when you regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene. However, there are plenty of factors determine the lifespan of the dental implants.

Over the years, the technology of dental implant has become extremely advanced, which implant failures because of the functionality issues and rejection that have become greater problems of the past. Some of the factors that cause the implant to fail are implanted misuse, preexisting medical conditions and diseases.

If you really wish to know the exact years of dental implant last, then read out this blog page completely.

Know the components used for dental implant

Before getting into the topic, it is necessary to have insight about the components of the dental implant. This will clearly tell us how many years do our dental implant last. When it comes to a dental implant, one of below mentioned three key components have been highly utilized.

  • The implant is the titanium post, which surgically places in the patient jawbone and then acts as the root for the crown.
  • Crown is the ceramic tooth, which is fastened to the abutment and then offers the natural tooth look
  • The abutment is directly attached to the implant, which holds the crown in the right place

Generally, the highly exposed crown and abutment are more susceptible to damage when compared to the implant itself.

So, how long does dental implant last?

One of the greatest innovations in modern dentistry is dental implants. They are true prosthetic replacement teeth, which comprises of the artificial titanium tooth root along with the porcelain crown attached. Since the dental implants becoming the more and more popular and better solution to replace the missing teeth, it is fair to ask how long does dental implant last.

When we maintain implants properly with adequate brushing and flossing, the implant can itself last the lifetime. Remember that patient should get regular dental checkup i.e. twice the year for lifetime implant guarantee. However, the crown is considered to last about 10 – 15years before the normal wear cause the tooth to need replacement. Good dental hygiene could extend the life beyond fifteen years.

Even though dental implant cost is quite high, it renders effective results than other tooth replacement options. However, one of the important factors for the expected longevity of the dental implant is the mouth location. Usually, implants in the back of the mouth receive ample strain from chewing that can cause them to fail too quickly when compared to implants by the front of the mouth.

Understand the lifetime of the dental implants

When you have a bridge or crown replaced or dentures re-fitted, not all the dental restoration last forever. Each of these three types of restoration can fail for their own reasons. In the case of bridges and crowns, they can usually fail when the original structure of the tooth they attached to be compromised because of decay. Eventually, almost all the dentures require be refitting or replacing when the loss of bone causes the jaw to transform the shape.

Fortunately, when you get dental implant surgery, you need not to worry about these risks. The major reason behind implants considered the most advanced choice for replacing missing teeth is that they are not highly subjected to the same failure issues, which you encounter with the dentures, bridges, and crowns. However, it does not mean that dental implants work appropriately all the times. However, the recent studies   that dental implants have 98% of success rate.

Most of the dentists estimate that dental implants will last about 25years but we cannot guarantee that they last for lifetime. Similar to natural teeth, the longevity and health of the implant is based on looking after your oral health. When you cared implant just like natural teeth with regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkup, it extends the life of the implant. Once you have undergone implant surgery, you must quit smoking and drinking as it much more prone to fail implants.

Factors that affect the life of the implants

Implants have normally a high success rate and a long lifetime as the techniques have been developed completely over many years. In addition, implants are made from high quality and durable materials such as titanium. Before the surgery, dental implant surgeon evaluates the patient completely to ensure they are good for implants. This eventually eradicates the high risk for early failure for many patients.  

As mentioned already, several factors can affect the implant lifespan. One of them is bone volume and density at the location of the implant. When there is a considerable lock of density and bone loss at the implant site, long-term outcome of the patient will be affected. Next, the skill of the dental implant surgeon makes a huge difference. When the implant is not placed well, it might fail quickly when compared to an implant placed in the ideal position.

In addition, poor placement can even affect the ability of the implant to integrate with the bone, which increases the risk of early failure. As we know, poor oral hygiene can have great effect on the implant lifespan. Hence, we need to take care of the implant properly at home and protect them from getting an infection, which contribute to early failure. From the beginning, we are telling the importance of regular dentist visit.

Now itself we say the same because regular dental checkup will help you stay away from so many issues. If the problem has detected earlier, it is quite easier to solve them. Even when the implant is in a good position, some of the patients may encounter issues with the crowns and bridge. It may happen due to the significant impact of too much biting force on objects, which may be hard. In such a case, it is better to have a bridge or brown replacement.


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