The International Day Of FamiliesThe International Day of Families is celebrated on the 15th of May, at the headquarters of the United Nations and around the world. In 1993, the day was officially declared by the UN General Assembly with resolution A/RES/47/237 and demonstrates the significance which the global community connects to families. It gives an opportunity to spread awareness about the issues that relate to families and to enhance knowledge of the demographic, economic, and social processes that affect the families.

When is World Family Day Celebrated in 2020?

In 2020, World Family Day date falls on the 15th of May (Friday) and is celebrated in nations around the globe. Behind the celebration, The Universal Peace Federation and United Nations are the main driving forces. They are backed by the governments of several countries who organize events and activities pertaining to the occasion.

The History of International Day of Families

The United Nations passed a resolution in 1993 to represent the determination of the organization to encourage better social progress and living standards of families across the globe. This Day basically celebrates the fact that families are the central part of any society.

Why is World Family Day Celebrated?

There is a dual purpose in mind behind celebrating this day- to raise awareness of the significance of families and the different aspects that are negatively affecting this unit. It acknowledges the abilities and power of what is considered the most basic unit of society in several parts of the world. Every year, the day is used as a launchpad to highlight the issues plaguing families and the appropriate actions individuals, societies, and the governments can take in order to resolve said issues. The day is also used to represent how a strengthened family unit eventually helps strengthen societies and nations.

International Day of Families – the Symbol

The symbol of the International Day of Families comprises a solid green circle with a red image of a schematic drawing element of a house and a heart in the center of the circle. This powerful symbol denotes the supportive and safe environment a family can provide to people of all age groups.

How is the International Day of Families Celebrated in the World?

This day is celebrated in different ways across the globe. In some public officials, communities arrange for discourses and discussions on the various challenges faced by families in said communities. Some countries plan their events and activities organized based on the particular theme set by the United Nations. Individuals also choose to celebrate by spending time with their families. While this day is considered important by governments across the earth, the day is not a public holiday.

This day is also celebrated in a big way with various companies and organizations also joining in on the celebrations. Here, the objectives of observing this occasion are to raise awareness regarding the issues families face and to celebrate the bonds in a family. Many Companies organize events for their employees and their families. This allows family members of the employees to understand the company culture and form bonds with other people in the company. Events include games, music shows, and dance performances.