Know Everything About The Indian Air Force Day 

Indian Air Force Day 

Every year, Indian Air Force Day is observed on 8 October to mark the birth of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and to raise awareness about the Indian air force in any organization of national security both publicly and officially. The IAF is the one of most powerful, advanced, and prestigious military units in the world. The Indian Air force forms an integral and essential part of the Indian Military. 

This day is observed as a mark of respect for the Air Forces and falls on October 8th. The year 2020 marks the 88th celebration of Indian air force day. The Indian armed forces are one of the most advanced, powerful, and prestigious military units all around the world. The Indian Air force personnel and their composite craft fleet are selected as the fourth-best within the world. 

A day to celebrate air force achievements throughout the warfare, non-military operations, police work missions, and more, the Indian Air force day may be a commemoration of the Bharatiya Vayu Sena. 


History was re-created on 8th October 1932 when the Indian Air Force was officially set up in India. This eventful day is widely known per annum at the Hindon Base in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Dignitaries including the Air force chief and chiefs of other armed forces participate in the event. The day serves as an awareness meeting about the role and importance of the Air Force for a country’s security and protection. The origin of the Indian Air force as a subsidiary arm of the Royal British Air Force passed with the enactment of the Indian Air Force Act within the same year 1932.

At that point, our country was still dominated by the British; thus squadrons for planes were co-assigned with RAF Commanding officers. The primary squadron got wind of within the year 1933 by the name of No. 1 squadron. It took off with four biplanes referred to as Westland American elk and 5 pilots from Bharat solely. when Bharat got independence, the Royal Air Force additionally got divided into 2 divisions – Royal Indian Air force and Royal West Pakistan Air Force within the year 1947. 

The Indian Air force has played significant roles during the First Kashmir War in 1947, Congo Crisis in 1961, Sino- Indian War in 1962, Second Kashmir War in 1965, and Kargil in 1999, and their operations continue to give striking blows to counterparts of the enemy.

How is Indian Air Force Day celebrated?

Indian Air Force Day is widely known with zeal and pride at varied Air Stations everywhere Bharat. All Air Force stations within the Indian states can conduct parades at their various Airbases. Also, the military parades are conducted in line with the schedule and therefore the protocol. IAF showcases air shows by varied craft throughout the Air Force Day Parade.

A country faces each external and internal threat, and therefore the answer to them is preparation by military forces. each arm of the militia has to be prepared for any adverse state of affairs. Missions, where the Indian Air Forces are involved, include combat operations, warfare, disaster management systems, operations based on humanitarian grounds, etc.