facial plastic surgery

It all started with Neanderthals roughly 135,000 years ago. The oldest piece of jewelry discovered so far was used by Neanderthals. This shows that the desire to feel pretty and beautiful is not new. A lot has been changed so far. From that oldest piece of jewelry made from bones to the modern skin treatments, the desire of looking pretty and beautiful has never been changed.

Now we have a special facial aesthetic surgery to enhance the appearance of lips. Similarly, there is facial plastic surgery for removing wrinkles. There are other treatments for other parts and features of the face. So, in this article, we will discuss different types of facial Plastic Surgery.

There are different types of medical procedures covered in cosmetic or plastic surgery. These procedures can be performed to enhance the appearance or to repair some injury. There are skin clinics in which there are qualified dermatologists and cosmetologist for performing these procedures. There are different surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in the supervision of these experts.

Why should you go for facial plastic surgery?  

You can also consider non-surgical or other options for skin treatments in Atlanta. However, none of these other options will generate quick, satisfactory and lasting results. Facial aesthetic surgery is the best option you have if you want to enhance your cosmetic appearance quickly, effetely and safely with lasting results.

Facial plastic surgery not only enhances your cosmetic appearance, it can also improve your self-esteem. Better physical appearance makes you feel great. This is what you need to be a well confident individual.

Facial deformities due to trauma or burns can be fixed with facial plastic surgery. Tissues damaged due to injury or burns are unhealthy. The patient might also find it hard to feel confident due to some facial deformity. With these deformities fixed with facial Aesthetic Surgery, the patient can feel confident and return to the normal life.

Let’s see the different surgical options available to you:

  • Blepharoplasty

    This is an eyelid surgery for tightening drooping upper eyelids. Bags below eyes can also be fixed with this surgery. This surgery can also help in improving the functionality of troublesome eyelids.

  • Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers are used for removing or at least reducing facial lines. Go for this procedure if you want to restore the fullness of your face. Dermal fillers are also useful in reducing creases and wrinkles, plumping lips and improving appearance of scars.
  • Forehead Lift

    This procedure removes drooping skin. The same procedure can be performed to remove tissues and tighten skin to straighten lines on the forehead.

  • Facial Reconstructive Procedures

    This is a general term used for a variety of procedures. These procedures include facial transplants, cancer reconstruction, cleft lip or palates facial reconstruction during burn treatment.

  • Jaw Implants/Chin augmentation

    This procedure can enhance the cheeks and/or jawline of the patient.

  • Lower Rhytidectomy

    It is lower neck surgery for improving the signs of aging in the neck and jawline by removing excess fat.

  • Lip augmentation

    If you want fuller looking lips then go for lip augmentation. In this procedure, the appearance of lips is enhanced by inserting an implant.

  • Malar Augmentation

    In this procedure, the surgeon inserts cheek implants below cheekbone to make the patient’s face look fuller.

  • Mentoplasty

    This procedure is performed to change the shape of the chin bone. This can be done either by removing bone or inserting an implant.

  • Otoplasty

    This procedure is performed to change shape, size and even the position of the ears. This can fix birth defects or deformity due to injury.

  • Rhinoplasty

    Also known as nose job, a surgeon performs this procedure to change the shape, size and placement of the nose.

  • Rhytidectomy

    This is a procedure in which excess fat is removed and muscles are tightened before replacing the skin.
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