Benefits of Cow Milk for Kids

Cow’s milk is considered to be one of the healthiest and nutrient-rich drinks for children and adults alike. Although numerous nutritionists have diverse views concerning feeding cow’s milk to young children, but largely it is still the primary choice of milk after breast milk for kids. Until and unless your kid is casein fanatical or affected by any element of cow’s milk, it is a very whole some option for him or her. According to providers of organic Cow milk, by the age of two, a healthy kid should be drinking 480 to 720ml of milk daily.

Some Most Effective Benefits for Kids of Cow Milk

There is no denial of the fact that cow’s milk is a widespread feast for children above 2 years. 80 percent of the milk comprises casein, which releases protein in the body from time to time while outstanding 20 percent is whey protein which is easily digestible and extremely absorbable and also supports the body in building muscle mass, combat infections and tissue repair. It contains all the nine vital amino acids which are vital during the developing years of the children.

It will be a great mentioning to analyse that experts in their follow a line of investigation customary that children who consumed around three cups of cow’s milk in a day were roughly 1 to 4 cm taller than the children who drank lodge based or other animals based milk. This clearly implies that cow’s milk has a significant role to play in physical development and overall well-being of the children.

In a separate finding by a group of researchers, cow’s milk has a similar vital contribution in development of the brain and nervous system of the kids. Cow’s milk is a rich source of vitamin B which safeguards salubrious functioning of brain, sleep-wake cycles of the child and nervous system. If your child is drinking the organic farm fresh pure cow milk then the DHA levels of your child will be higher than those children who are drinking milk from other sources.

One of the rich sources of various vitamins, calcium’s, potassium’s, which are needed for the growth of whole body, is cow’s milk. It plays a vital and primary role in the development of strength of bones and density.

In addition to that cow’s milk is also a wealthy of chorine. This chorine helps in synthesis of a neurotransmitter caller acetylcholine essential for regulating mood, memory and intelligence quotient in developing children.

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