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Know All About Enhancing Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy for Monsoon


With monsoon about to hit the Indian shores, it is time you prepare your two-wheeler to survive the monsoon. Prepping your vehicle is necessary for a worry-free monsoon. It can be in the form of getting the required replacements of consumable spares like oils and lubricants. But despite these precautions, most people fret about a breakdown during monsoon.

A breakdown during monsoon can have twice the stress by leaving you stranded on waterlogged streets along with a hefty invoice for the repairs. The safest option to stay financially secure in such times is to opt for bike insurance.

Although bike insurance is mandatory for vehicles, you can enhance the cover provided by your insurance policy. A comprehensive motor policy offers broader coverage over a third-party cover.

Let us look at how you can upgrade your two-wheeler insurance policy for the monsoon-

Engine Protection Cover

In most breakdowns during monsoon, the damage is caused to the critical components of the engine. These situations make it difficult for the vehicle to start as well as leads to frequently stalling. While identifying such a problem of the engine is difficult, an engine protection add-on ensures the components of your engine are replaced or repaired. The cost of these repairs might otherwise cost significantly. If you own a high-end motorcycle, you must opt for an engine protector add-on cover.

Roadside Assistance Cover

Roadside Assistance or RSA facility is a popular add-on. Under this facility, the insurer assists you in times when you have a breakdown or a flat tyre. In such a situation, simply park your vehicle along the road and call for roadside assistance. Your insurance company will ensure you get timely service to get the situation fixed. An RSA cover comes handy, especially during the monsoon. Most times, when the rains lash, water damage causes various problems. Expert technicians are aware of these situations and can help you in a jiffy. A few insurance companies also brand it as a breakdown cover. Make sure you avail one.

No Claim Bonus Protector

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a concession to your motor insurance premium. In case you file a claim, you lose your NCB and will have to pay the full amount of premium at the time of your two wheeler /car insurance renewal. Using an NCB protector, you can retain your bonus component even if you file a claim. The number of times you can lodge a claim depends on the terms of your no claim bonus protector add-on.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Zero Depreciation Cover or popularly referred to as ‘Zero Dep’ plan is where depreciation is not accounted for while computing the insurance amount. A zero dep plan ensures you are reimbursed with the original cost of spares, which might come in handy in case you need to get some parts fixed.

Thus, enhancing your insurance cover for your bike is simple with the right add-ons. Make sure you select the right add-ons when opting for your policy.Two wheeler insurance 3rd party plans are limited to providing coverage for liabilities, whereas a comprehensive cover offers flexibility & own damage as well, which could prove very helpful during the rainy season.