With nearly 400 million Instagram followers, Kardashians, without a doubt, are the next generation trend setters.

Long coats, double denims, accentuating lips, smokey eyes or the wet hair look, these have redefined the fashion statement in the recent years.

We haven’t forgot the addition of ‘athleisure’ to Merriam-Websters in 2016 either? Such is the Dashian force!

I particularly like to highlight what happened last July, when North donned a peach colored satin slip dress, on a family outing in New York. The Twitterati went absolute mad, criticising Kim badly.

Some even questioned if pole dancing lessons are next for North, besides blaming her to ignore very potential medical implications.

She had to justify saying it was of cotton fabric and only looked like a corset.


The instance was terrible to say the least. I know it’s nothing new, perhaps we are used to all this. But –

  1. Comments like the one on ‘pole dancing’ don’t deserve us a place on social media of substance, simply because we are custodians of nothing.
  2. We made a mountain out of a molehill, suggesting any and everyone should take our nod before doing anything. As it is, we confer the ‘celebrity tags’ so we think we are the governors of their lives.
  3. However active we are on social and political forums, we are only contributing to blog numbers. And nil to social causes.

Let me talk more practically here, away from passing a judgement on what’s right or wrong.

We aren’t doing our economy a favour either. This particular instance had a greater impact that we failed to realize. Pamela Danziger, in its Forbes report in Jan, mentioned how fashion retailers have lost their footing in the recent years.

Even if Kim’s waist training corset campaign a few years back was intended to promote corsets and waist training for her Miami entrepreneur friend, it was still a hit among fashion entrepreneurs which had boosted their sales by 250% that time.

Some feel North instance was an extension to the same. So what, even if it was?

Had it not forced Kim to come out and explain, it would have encouraged fashion designers to borrow an idea or two. No, seriously 🙂

Pamela listed 9 top fashion brands, that are not doing well and need immediate oxygen.

The number of Abercrombie stores has dropped by 20% in the last 5 years with only 300 stores remaining in the states. She said the new advertising campaigns are not penetrating enough and have done little to revive company’s fortune.

BCBG has a similar state of affairs with only 71 out of 120 stores running at present. It had already filed for bankruptcy support back in February 2017.

A similar story with Gap, Chico’s and Eddie Bauer. Guess had a miserable sales portfolio last year, shutting down 60 stores. Another 100-120 stores are expected to close this year again. Only a few years back, the brand boasted of over 400 retail points across the country.

All I am trying to say with this post here is.. our actions and reactions are very powerful. We might be posting a small comment on a social site but it is strong enough to make a huge impact. See it which all industries rely the most on social media.


Contributed by Jenny Travens of Superfoodsliving.com. She attributes this article to her last weekend meet with long time business friend, Paul, who has long been associated with Findrarewhiskey, as a brand manager.