How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean This Spring

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

Spring is the best time to uplift your house. Add new furniture items, organize the closets, remodel or renovate, do whatever you want to do. Many of the homeowners avail this season as the weather is perfect to make the changes. One of the prominent items to uplift the house is installing new floors and among the number of flooring options, hardwood is leading the renovation industry.

Undoubtedly hardwood floors have been adding a glory to the house for centuries. They are easy to install as well as affordable. With a little maintenance of such floors, you do not have to worry about replacing the floors again and again.

As the spring season is just a few months away, you should be preparing your home. It’s wonderful if your house does not need any uplifting, yet you should take a few measures to keep the things protective. Here are a few tips to maintain your hardwood floors this spring so that you do not have to call the hardwood flooring contractors for fixing the floor.

Spend A Little On Doormats Or Area Rugs

The spring season is a season of pollen grains and you cannot allow anyone to bring in the pollen grains. The grains usually stick beneath the shoe sole, and we often forget to brush our shoes outside. When a person moves inside, the pollen grains stay on your hardwood floor and hide between the floor spacing.

Not only the pollen grain but the dust particles and debris, also come along with your shoes and become the reason for damaging your expensive floor. So, the best way to keep your hardwood floor clean is to invest in doormats and area rugs. Before entering the house, brush your feet against the doormats so that all the particles stick to it and you come with a clean shoe inside.

Avoid Using Cleaning Products                     

We may sound absurd by stopping you from using the cleaning products of reliable hardwood flooring, but we have the reason to convince you. You have to be very careful with the cleaning products available in the market as the excess usage is harmful to the engineered floors. Here is a list of cleaning products that you should not use on hardwood floors.

  • Bleaches
  • Ammonia-based cleaners
  • Acidic cleaners
  • Acrylic cleaners
  • Wax-based products

The best way to clean is to use a damp mop to deep clean the solid or engineered hardwood flooring. Remember that if the cloth is too wet, you may cause a permanent water damage to your floor and destroys the efforts of best hardwood floor installation company, you have hired.

Move Your Furniture Carefully

When you continuously use a specific area of your wood floor, it will fade away because of the UV rays. There are some tricks to prevent the discoloration or keeping it equal. One of those tricks is to relocate your furniture off and on but be very careful with the furniture moving as it may leave scratches on the floor.

Do not let the spring season be the reason behind your damage wood floor. Follow the tips and protect it.