Do you think that the idea of dating an Audi R8 is an absurd idea? If yes, then you are not a lover of cars. Those who are madly deeply and truly in love with cars, they will die to have a date like this. After all, the car entails all the features that a car lover can ever wish for. The power-packed performance, the sheer elegance and above all the sporty feel that it exudes, do you need anything else to make you feel like the king on the road?

I am sure by now you are already dreaming yourself to be seated behind the wheels, igniting the engine and whooshing through the streets of Los Angeles or Miami. While the spring breeze will tickle your cheeks from the car windows, you will feel the butterfly in your stomach the moment you step on the accelerator. But after such glorious dreams, you have probably bumped into a stark reality of life. Well, don’t blame you for dreaming. But yes, it is not possible for everyone to afford an Audi R8. This car costs a fortune if you are thinking of buying it. Also, the sleek and dandy car calls for too much of expenses in terms of maintenance. But, even if you cannot buy it, you can still live your dream. How? All you have to do is get in touch with an agency of exotic car rental in Miami and Los Angeles. Doesn’t it sound like a quite easy solution? If yes, then rush now. And before renting, take a look at the following points to know how you can plan the plan a perfect dream date with this amazing car.

A Long Drive

Since it is already spring, you know how moody the weather can be. It is sometimes bright and sunny. And then there are days when it is drenching the whole city with an incessant downpour. Rent Audi R8 Los Angeles on such a day and set out for a long leisurely drive. Take the California State Highway 1 and reach the distant resort to spend a day or two on your own. You will realize that often, more than the destination, the journey holds more impact for us; that too if you are driving such a lovely elegant and luxurious car. Experience the speed that makes this car unparallel by driving on the Pacific Coast Highway. Enjoy the grip on the wheel while maybe your favorite band like Coldplay or Westlife will be crooning softly from the sound system of the car.

Action in the Night

How about a little bit of showing off? Come on, we only get a few chances in our life to really indulge in utmost luxury. Don’t let the moment slip away. Rent the car and drop by a famous nightclub or two in Los Angeles. Get down from the car in style, making a few head turn towards you; hand the car keys to the valet for VIP parking. Such an entry will anyway make you the center of attention at the club. If you are looking forward to finding another “human date” for the night while enjoying your time with Audi R8, then this is the sure shot way to impress the ladies at the club.

A Relishing Trip around the City

When we think of a date, we wonder how aptly we can shower our beloved with all flattering compliments and admiration so that she can understand how deeply moved we are by their presence around us. So, when you are taking the dear Audi R8 on a date, you should also admire her features and assets with complete attention, right? So, take a trip around the city in the stunning car. Drive while admiring the powerful V10 FSI engine and its capacity. Relish the smoothness of the ride with the magnetic ride shock absorber while driving on a bumpy road. Just like any moment becomes special with your love of life, this ride with the stunning car you love the most will become a memorable one, even when you are driving around the city you have been living in since years.

So, now as you know how you can actually have a dream date with your Audi R8, what are you waiting for? There is no sin in indulging in the luxury of materialistic things. So, go for it. Book a car now and keep the plans in mind.


Author Bio: George Mathews is a famous blogger and associated with exotic car rental Miami. Here, he writes on planning an amazing day with Rent Audi R8 Los Angeles.