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Is scope of HRMS just limited to payroll?

We totally agree that payroll is the most prevalent pain point of an HR. Eversince, the whole concept of HRMS have come into play, payroll has been the focal point. However, in today’s time, the HRMS have moved past the notion “An HR software in only as good as its payroll module.” Now, not just the HR software makers but the HR, employees and stakeholders have also started realising the need to be able to do more with an HR software. Infact, the urge to feel more empowered and have HR software that can help the HR in acquisition and engagement came from the HR professionals themselves. Because of the same, the payroll managers started visualising the overall HR operations and bringing automation to the table for them.

So, there, I said it loud and clear, the scope of HRMS software in India is not limited to just payroll. The same is a thing of the past. However, if you are still not convinced, to elucidate, I am mentioning below the ways in which an HRMS helps an organisation beyond payroll. Take a look. 

  • It helps in acquiring the desirable candidate- The talent acquisition team does not need to work on sourcing aspect. When you have a software in place, the recruitment team can steer its efforts into improving the candidate experience and in formulating ways to analyse the candidates on various parameters. Recruitment is a very important process which should be done very carefully, otherwise, on bad hire and the whole process of your business gets impacted. So, when automation and AI combine in recruitment, not just the management of data but finding the most suitable candidates become easy. 
  • It helps in keeping the employees engaged- The engagement of the employees matter a lot to reduce the attrition rate and ameliorate your branding initiatives. The HRMS software in India or anywhere in the world can help the users in increasing the engagement. There is a provision to give feedback, measure performance and give them their salary timely. 
  • It helps in improving the employee satisfaction- There are a lot of issues that an employee faces at work, especially without an HR software. For instance, an employee may be finding an employee quite uncooperative and hence may not have been able to put his best. In general, an employee may not be happy with the work culture, going through some personal issues or facing some issues with the salary. No matter what the issue is, without automation HR would always be too busy to actually sit and listen to the grievances of the employees. A software helps the HR in saving time for crucial problems and solving the other queries using software.

So, in short it is completely wrong to say that HR software is still limited to just payroll in India. There is a lot more than the job of an HR demands and so the reliable HR software also does a lot more than merely managing payroll.