Is it a Good Idea to Learn Hadoop in 2018?

The big data analytics industry is one situated on continuous flux. It is never stable in terms of technologies used or customary practices. The Hadoop software suit, however, has stayed in the market for so long that at one point it had become synonymous with big data. Hadoop ecosystem was used by 17% of all enterprises that used big data analytics in 2015. It was around that time that Hadoop reached its peak. The demand for Hadoop professionals lives on in 2018. It always was and still is hard to find capable person who can install and manage Hadoop based systems. Hence getting Hadoop online training is definitely a good idea.

Why does Hadoop still have the drive?

There is a saying that before Hadoop, companies had to pay through the nose in order to keep large amounts of data stored. The concerned parties had already realized that they could not joke around with information anymore – it had to be stored, processed and used for insights in order to stay afloat in the market. Hadoop offered a distributed file storage system that let the companies store huge amounts of data on a distributed network of servers. The storage capacity was scalable and did not cost the companies a fortune. Moreover the data processing unit, MapReduce helped in sifting through large amounts of data to find patterns.

A good number of companies are using this clustered storage system. And even if a firm wants to move its data to a cloud-based server it still needs Hadoop professionals for the proceedings.

Job roles introduced

Dealing with the Hadoop ecosystem requires a specific set of skills. A Hadoop online training can prepare you to become a Hadoop developer, an administrator or an analyst. The developers are needed to create applications in the Hadoop ecosystem and the administrators keep the system up and running. Analyzing data stored in the Hadoop servers also require certain skills.

With the soaring popularity of big data, the demand for Hadoop professionals has also gone up but the number of qualified personnel has never been too impressive in this field.

There are, however, some issues

A significant number of articles and videos declaring Hadoop as a dead-tech, supplanted by Spark and subsequently by the Cloud.

Coming back strong

Companies of all shapes and sizes hoarded to place their data in HDFS or Hadoop Distributed File System. They have worked in the Hadoop ecosystem for years and now shifting it elsewhere requires time and investment. Consequently, a considerable number of companies keep on using Hadoop to good effect. The software suite itself is improving to tackle the various problems which have arisen over time. Therefore, entering into big data with a Hadoop online training course is still a good idea.

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