If you want to learn to play, it is imperative that you have an instrument on which to practice. It doesn’t matter if you have little time and you start playing just for fun, without big demands. Having an instrument is essential to be able to play even for just ten minutes or half an hour when you have time.

Playing the piano only in class is in fact insufficient, the lessons are important but what really matters is the time you spend with your piano at home. Only by trying to face the difficulties of the study will you be able to understand if playing the piano is something for you, but for this, you must absolutely choose the right piano for you. So let’s see which piano to buy to start playing, also based on the price.

Acoustic piano or keyboard? Which piano to buy?

The acoustic piano is definitely the right instrument to start playing. A piano is a wonderful, beautiful object to have at home. Of course, buying an acoustic piano requires a minimum investment of 1500-2000 $, you can find some opportunities even for less but you will have to get advice and help from a craftsman who knows how to tune and repair the piano, especially if you buy an instrument that has not been used. for a long time and may have problems.

An acoustic instrument is definitely the perfect piano to start, every note you play will give you an incredible emotion, you will feel the wood vibrate under your fingers. However, in addition to the certainly higher price, the acoustic instrument has a couple of drawbacks: it needs space and plays at a rather high volume. You Can give a presentation at Christmas

Starting to play the piano: where should I put it?:

An upright piano, even a small one, weighs at least a couple of quintals. It is therefore not an object that you can easily move, when you buy it you have to decide where to place it. You will need to take into account the space it occupies, but also pay attention to a few things:

  • It is better than the piano is not in a room where there are severe changes in temperature
  • Do not place it too close to fireplaces, pellet stoves, radiators
  • Do not put it in too humid or too dry environments
  • Do not place it against an exterior wall of the house, especially if it faces north
  • Already these notes can drive those who have to decide where to put the piano crazy, but that’s not all. In fact, in positioning the instrument you will also have to take into account that you will use it to practice and learn to play, so it must be in an area of ​​the house where you do not disturb and you are not disturbed.

Try not to place the piano in the bedroom or near other rooms, because otherwise, you will annoy the sleeping person by practicing. Putting the piano in the living room is a more natural choice, but it can present other problems: most likely, you will be disturbed by other people passing by or staying in the living room. For example, if there is a television always on in your living room, it is very difficult to combine the piano and the TV.

Finally, if you have decided to buy an acoustic piano to start playing, there is one last problem you may have: the piano disturbs the neighbors. If you live in a condominium, you will have to abide by common and good neighborly rules, to avoid disturbing the piano when you practice.

If you have a large apartment, try to place the piano in an interior room, as far away from neighboring apartments as possible. If the house is on several floors, look for the one furthest from your neighbors, perhaps an attic or tavern … as long as it isn’t too humid or too dry!

All these considerations bring us back to our original question: if I want to start playing the piano, which one to choose? If price, space, or neighborhood issues make you think about buying a digital piano or keyboard, here’s what you need to know.

Start playing with a keyboard:

A keyboard has three major advantages over the acoustic piano:

  • It costs less: with 300-500 $ you can buy the right keyboard for those who start playing
  • It is less bulky and can be moved easily, it does not fear sudden changes in temperature or humidity
  • It can be played through headphones or at a very low volume, so you can play whenever you want without disturbing anyone.

So, is it better to choose a keyboard to start playing?

No, that’s not the case at all. If you just try to sit in front of an acoustic piano and play a few notes, you will discover that the magic of a “real” piano is unique, no keyboard will ever give you the same emotion. However, starting with a keyboard has its advantages, it can also be a good idea to find out if you like studying music. You will always be able to switch to an acoustic piano later.

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