How to Use Internet As A Platform To Raise Your Voice

Is the Internet helpful in letting us raise a voice? Yes, it does so if you are in Charter Spectrum Service Area, subscribe to their Internet deals. Let’s find out how one can raise a voice on the Internet.

How to Use Internet

The Internet has revolutionized our lives in innumerable ways. With a massive number of Internet Service Providers that have flooded the market, all with lofty claims on quality and catchy advertisement traps, there is no household left that doesn’t have a steady subscription to the Internet. Because the Internet is considered an inevitable part of our lives, and the utilities are also unlimited, look up Spectrum Internet Service Area and subscribe to one of their deals to have the best performance and speed.

In this post, we will be discussing how the Internet has provided us with forums and platforms to raise our voice against crimes, discrimination, violation of rights, illegal activities, social misconduct, and so many similar issues that need to be brought to light and be resolved. Gone are the days when people had to rely on mainstream media and TV channels for the coverage of the injustices that they face. The Internet has brought to us the convenience of raising our voice against the wrongs that we face, through the powerful Internet-based forums, that make us heard and seen across the world. Let’s see how:

Social Networking Sites- As the Best Forums to Raise Your Voice

How to Use Internet

In the contemporary Digital World, who isn’t a subscriber to one of the social media sites? You would hardly find someone. There is a massive number of subscribers on these social media sites, and reaching out to this big an audience is something no one would want to miss. Especially when we are talking in the context of raising voice against the matters of concern, social media sites are perhaps the most powerful tools that one can make use of. Facebook alone has a whopping 2.07 billion active subscribers, so you can well imagine the potential. Who would want to miss out on such a massive audience?

Also, the addictive nature of these social media sites (that are also conveniently installed as Apps on our smartphones) do not leave the subscribers alone for long. Succumbing to the addictiveness of these forums, the subscribers keep checking the pages that they follow and the updates every now and then. So much so that it has almost become a reflex action. This doesn’t let any news or piece of information go unread and unnoticed and therefore if you want to share anything and want it to be viral, social media is your best resource.

Raising Voice Effectively- How Something Can be Made Viral on the Internet?

raise your voice

The Internet-powered forums can be effectively used to raise your voice against the crimes and injustices that you might witness or experience. Ever since the social media forums have hit us, the need to be covered by mainstream channels and media is now redundant. We literally catch all the news on social media first, before we see them on the TV. And now with the freedom of speech and net neutrality, nothing can be hidden or removed by any authorities, and we get to see the actual and real happenings.

We have entered into the year 2018, we call this Digital Age, and we consider ourselves very advance, yet there are crimes and happenings that still seem very primitive and are sometimes not given coverage by the mainstream media. Giant channels have their monopolies and sometimes it’s the authorities that want them to snub news. But with the aforementioned facility, and now with net neutrality, there is nothing that can be snubbed or hidden on the Internet and particularly, social media.

Social media

For instance, that very video clip where a transgender man was harassed and beaten by some men in Brazil, took the social media by storm. The video hit social media and gained a massive number of views, shares, and comments that made it viral. The transgender man was ultimately killed during the oppression but social media helped in tracking the oppressors.

Similarly, talking on a larger level, the killings of Rohingya Muslims in Burma was not given much coverage by the news channels, instead, this massive genocide gained no coverage by the mainstream media across the world. It was the social media forums that brought all these images and videos that told the world what an unbelievable crime is done against a whole community and then leaders had to save their faces by condemning the genocide.

More Examples

Just to show you how effective the medium of social media is for raising voice against atrocities, crimes, oppression, and similar issues, here are a few instances. Remember the killing game ‘Blue Whale’? Well, it was the social media that informed all of us about the imminent danger that the game might cause. Social media sites were saturated with videos of how people committed suicides while trying to complete the tasks that the game challenged them to do. The authorities took action and the person who developed the game was caught. This is just one example.

Another example is of those parents who pranked their children to an extent that was illegal, only to run their YouTube channel and earn bucks. The matter was soon noticed by the authorities as the videos kept coming, and eventually, their channel was banned and they had to hand over 2 of their children to the authorities, being guilty of pranking them to an extent that was almost humiliating and could shake their confidence.

Racial discrimination

The problem of racial discrimination is also brought to light via social media. Racial bias is on a constant rise in the United States and it is becoming more and more common to witness videos on social media on how someone was made the subject of discrimination because of the color of the skin or their faith.

Some instances are not letting some of the Muslim passengers board the flight because they uttered something in Arabic, or some black being beaten up violently by the police only because of the color of the skin, or how a Muslim girl was bullied and brutally beaten by a group of school girls because they considered that she belonged to a religion that teaches violence.

So, to stay updated or update the world about what you experienced or witnessed, you essentially need to have a steady Internet connection to stay connected to the social media forums. Check out Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Cable Plans, to avail the benefit of the high-speed Internet and customized packages to fulfill your connectivity needs.