Know The Different Models of Internet Marketing

Models of Internet Marketing

These days, organizations have been resorting to availing internet marketing to survive in the virtual world and help their business to succeed. According to the industry experts, there are about six different internet marketing models that need to be understood by the entrepreneurs, so as to profit from it.

The six internet marketing models

The best internet marketing company in India is in a position to explain in detail the different models and their significance for the business.

Affiliate marketing

It is considered to be the basic model and also quite essential for newbies to start with. It is actually promoting the services and products of other people, be it physical or digital, and to be paid in return. Several ways are present by which this can be performed. In this type of marketing, you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys that particular product based on your recommendation, then you receive a commission. This commission could vary accordingly.


This might seem to be quite similar to that of physical product promotion as an affiliate. However, in truth, it is not. This essentially means, instead of a physical store that costs rent in thousands, including inventory and staff expenditure, it is possible to have a virtual one like an e-commerce site. But there is no need for having any huge inventory.

All that is required is have better connections with the reliable suppliers’ eagerness to deliver products to the customers on behalf of their client. They also are to ensure that the products are supplied in good condition, just exactly like that is desired by the customers when placing orders. But eCommerce store development can be quite challenging, especially for beginners but once understood and done well brings wonderful results and thus help grow your business.

Local business consulting

In local business consulting if the person is proficient in website development and have it ranked at the top of the search engine, then he can become a business consultant to the offline entrepreneurs, be it they are owners of shops, cafes, or companies. Clients can also be availed through various other online strategies. But this is not recommended to newbies since the majority of the entrepreneurs are quite selective as to who is to be hired.

The consultant works on the concept, strategy, planning, and problem-solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge. Proficiency and good business plans matter most. You can get to have your business grow with some guidance and tips from the consultant.


Freelance work can also be performed for internet marketers, if the person is good at developing sites or write content such as blog posts, articles, short reports, e-books, e-covers, designing banners, graphics, etc. Without having proper qualifications, expertise, and experience, it is not possible to get high pay.

Mobile apps

It is another profession that can be considered if the person is interested to learn as well as earn from mobile app designing. iPhones ad smartphones are quite popular nowadays. With the world going mobile-savvy, it becomes imperative to switch to mobiles as reaching the desktop takes time and people are impatient and short of time. The creation of mobile apps and various other methods of mobile app designing has made life convenient and is surely a great way of earning money with the development and formation of new apps.

Creating, selling your own information products

The person can write his own e-books, have his own video tutorials designed teaching people as to how certain things can be done the easy way using experience and expertise. The tutorials and videos created have to exceptionally good to attract people and gain traffic. More likes and more visits would help boost your ROI.

You can share your exceptional ideas, your out of the box creativity or it could be anything which can attract the masses. Social media is a huge platform to voice yourself. You can even target a niche audience to convey your message. This does not necessarily have to be internet marketing, but it can be any other things such as wise financial management, smart business investing, health-related, or any personal development topics which are attractive enough.

Knowing the different Internet marketing models can help individuals and entrepreneurs alike. The only thing required is a skill, the ability to make a difference, and determination to do something. All people or entrepreneurs who want to make a difference have one thing in common and that is the ability to think out of the box and to remain focused and the ability to never ever give up even in adverse situations.

Internet marketing is a huge field for marketing products or services using digital technologies.