Raising Awareness: International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day

Today is International Men’s Day and it is celebrated in more than 80 countries. It is a day to shed light on men’s mental health and focus on men who are spreading a positive influence on society. This is not only a day created in answer to International Women’s Day, there is a lot more than men get their turn. The big picture of this day is that men get a chance to speak about their mental health. 

International Men’s Day is more than just celebrating the existence of men. It is about understanding and closely tackling the issues that upset or let down the masculine gender and all the typical stereotypes related to masculinity. This involves handling issues like:

  • Dozens of men take their lives every day.
  • Suicide results in more men dying under 50.
  • 3 out of 5 murder victims are male.
  • More than 94% population of prison is male. 

Men are always told to “man up” or “be strong”, which often means that they feel nothing, or they don’t feel like talking about their problems and issues that may be sinking them. So, the main ideology behind this day is to bring awareness of the issues that men are facing on daily basis. Motivating people to have free and open conversations about men’s mental health, male suicide and to overcome the non-sense masculinity talk. 

Positive Role Models

The focus for this year is to celebrate the positivity men bring to this world, people, and others. It is about motivating and guiding the young boys’ values, and responsibilities of not just carrying a tag of being a man, but a good person. Also, a part of this is connected to your ability to express your feeling and emotions. Admit it if you’re feeling low or having an emotional breakdown. 

It is Okay Cry!!

It is not wrong for men to cry. In fact, if a human being does not cry when they need to cry, they are asking for troubles. Depression may set in; a person can become suicidal or can suddenly burst out in anger towards other people or get into alcohol or drugs and become an addict. 

Real men do cry, a real man is not afraid of what other people will think when they see him crying and he does not refuse to cry. 

A person crying when they are in pain or they grieve is normal for both genders and should be seen as normal and natural. To not cry is abnormal not, it is highly stressful and traumatic not to cry your heart out.  

On International Men’s Day, let us not downside men by saying “All men are the same” and change it with “there are some good men too.” This perspective will change only when we will make that change.