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International Day Of Democracy.

Know Everything About The International Day Of Democracy

 International Day Of Democracy

Every year on 15th September the international day of democracy is celebrated. The United Nations or UN acts as the torchbearer in organizing events on an eventful day to spread awareness on the importance of democracy. Worldwide organizations and many people including private agencies and government organizations, hold various initiatives to promote democracy on this day. Events and activities include discussions, conferences, and press conferences involving keynote speakers, often those who are leaders or educators heavily involved in supporting and endorsing democratic governments and communities.

Every year a campaign is conducted which is known as the Global Democracy Day Initiative, which involves a petition being made to the heads of states and the UN to officially adopt on 18th October as Global Democracy Day to support the International Day of Democracy. Organizations, such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union, also organize events and activities such as public opinion surveys about political tolerance and democracy. 

The main idea behind the day is that democracy is a universal value not limited to a period or particular region, nor “owned” by any particular country. It is part of the self-determination of societies regarding matters economic, political, and social. Each year on International Day of Democracy, there are extra efforts to highlight the importance of democracy in the countries. 


The United Nations began the practice of celebrating the International day of democracy. The United Nations always believed that for achieving global peace and development, member nations must support human rights actively. It still stood for the execution of fundamental rights in the broadest manner possible for establishing a world order that at the hind end achieved the principles of a liberal and civil society.

The UN sought a particular day on November 8 in the year 2007 to achieve its goals of establishing a democratic world order in international pursuits. From then on, September 15 began to be observed as the International day of democracy. Individual nations were invited to discussions on democracy. The most fantastic part was empowering countries to internally strengthen their democratic framework so every citizen could be blessed with a host of human rights.

This conference also included talks on the bottom-up approach for individual countries. Every country in its internal functioning should provide more freedom to regional governance.

Celebrations vary across different corners of the world. Both governments associated and NGOs hold special events to promote democracy initiatives.

Philosophy of Democracy

They urge people to bring in the whole philosophy of democracy into their ruling. Key discussion notes by eminent speakers are a very significant part of the day’s proceedings. Press conferences inviting stalwarts across various functionaries to represent the meaning and approach to democracy are highlights of the day.

India is believed to be the largest democracy in the world. The Indian constitution has entitled its citizens to fundamental rights of living, and it holds the most considerable onus to protect them under law. Democracy ensures the smooth implementation of human rights, fundamental rights of freedom of expression, and rights to vote. It is the biggest provider of all necessary rights to human beings. Democracy holds a privileged status in our constitution.