What can be the biggest hurdle for all Non- native English learners? 

Guess what it can be !

Yes, you got it right. A company or a mentor to practice English conversation. An environment where you get an opportunity to speak and get constructive feedback for your mistakes.

Why is speaking in English so challenging?

Imagine if our Native – English speaking friends were made to speak our native language. Would that be easy for them? Obviously no ! Years of practice can only help them master the language. In the same way, we can become fluent in speaking English by practicing and dedicating more time in speaking rather than anything else.

Ways to Practice English conversation

Today we are here with 5 amazing ways that will help you practice English speaking daily and master the language.

1. Have stories to narrate

Let me tell you what I see around myself.

“ I am sitting with my laptop writing for my readers. I have a mason of juice in front me. The weather is so calm & the air fresh. I can feel the smooth breeze touching my face. I have greenery all around me filled with trees, small plants and a nursery where lots of vegetables are grown. However, it seems that it may rain by night.” 

Now, you understand whatever your eyes see, convert them into words and speak about it. Whether you are sitting in a room, or in your office. Have stories to tell. 

The story – tellers are the best speakers.

 If you have a kid around you, narrate him stories. The reason being, it is the most difficult job in the world to grab attention of a kid and speak to him. While speaking in English with him, you will not only work on your English fluency but also in your voice modulation & pace of talking. 

Conversation is not just about a monologue speech but much more than that. The pace that you talk in, the basic grammar & the voice modulation.

2. Practice with a mentor 

You cannot become a better speaker just by speaking. Repeating the same mistakes all      over again will not help you improve your language skills. For this you need a mentor or a guide to make corrections. Someone who has a great command on speaking English. This can only happen if you know you’re not judged and you’re comfortable to speak with.

Engvarta provides you with a platform of English Experts where you can do your daily speaking practice. The experts help you to speak and help you to boost your confidence. 

You do not need a traditional method of learning English to have an impactful conversation in English. There is a huge difference between learning English and speaking English. Learning is a process where speaking is a practice. 

Your goal : Speak English effortlessly.

Keeping this in mind, try to use a speaking technique that is easy. A language that is simple & easy to understand.

3. Send a voice message 

This may sound strange but yes, it works. Instead of typing a message and replying in text.Use that small little voice icon more often for replying. Trust me, these small little efforts can make bigger changes. 

Just press that icon and speak your heart out.

Now these activities that you do throughout the day will mentally prepare you and develop a habit of answering people in English. You will not hesitate to speak the next time someone talks to you in English. Your mind will be prepared and you won’t end up yourself in any awkward situation.

4. Record your own voice.

You must have fallen into situations where you realized , “ Damn ! Instead of this, I should have said that.” It usually happens that when we talk to someone, correct words don’t come to our mind and later on we realize that there was a better substitute to it. To avoid such situations and make a choice of better words, we need to speak more in English. But we live in an Non- native English speaking environment where we hardly find people speaking in English. 

To overcome this, all you can do is – Record your voice by talking on a particular topic. This is a tried and tested method where people were able to develop great and fluent English speaking skills. Record a 5minutes podcast about any topic you like. Listen to it, audit & find out what better sentences you can use. What other words can you use to express yourself better.In addition, send it to somebody who can correct all your mistakes. 

This gives you an idea of starting with your own podcast someday!

5. Choose your environment

Last but not the least, it is essential to create an environment for yourself where you are able to practice and at least speak for an hour in English. Or don’t miss any opportunity to speak in English. Remember while calling any customer care, you never choose English. And the reason being hesitation. Make English your language preference. If you find people who have a good command over English, talk to them. Join other Speaking clubs in your town to have mass communication with people in English. Talk to your pet in English ( even if it gives you the strange looks), order your favourite pizza in English.

Isn’t it fun?

Develop the habit and create a mindset ! There are also a few good English Learning App where live English experts help you in improving your command of English.