In terms of quantity many type of energy sources are only having a limited amount of reserves in the earth. However, there is no need to worry about the availability of the solar energy because we have sun on our top. This is not going to change in the coming years and you can believe the solar energy as a permanent source. It is good to know certain solar energy facts here in order to understand its importance.


 Solar panels are the way out

Installing solar panels is very economical than having an electricity line from other sources because you are using your own electricity with the help of these solar panels. Then the installers may also have the doubt on deciding between the different types of the solar panels available in the market. Let me give a brief hint about their different types and leave it to them to choose.

Mono crystalline panels: In this type of panel, the individual cells are assigned in a single direction and offer a high power for lower space comparatively.

Polycrystalline: the cell is made up of several bits of crystal.

Hybrid: it is used in small spaces but requiring high power generation and Panasonic is the major manufacturer of this kind.

Where to fit?

Many people think that installing a solar system may occupy space in their home. However, it is to be noted that the solar system is to be placed on rooftops. This is because the rooftop is the perfect place to gather direct sun light. Hence, they will not occupy any space inside the home. The size of the solar system may get varied depending upon the energy required. In case, if a person needs to run high efficiency electrical equipment, he should install the solar plant accordingly. People who are unaware of the size and other details can leave this to the professionals who can fit the best solar plant according to the space or requirements. It is better to decide after reading these solar energy facts here.

A few helpful points

A solar installer must not be believed blindly as there are many solar installation services in the market. Few questions are to be placed before handing over the project to them. By the help of installing solar system in your home or office space, you can save a huge amount of money in long run. It is more important to question about their previous projects, output and the customer feedback. This is because they must have good experience in handling the solar plant. The next important factor to be noted is the energy efficiency of their solar plant. They must have the complete module with inverter and controller. It is always better to choose the high efficiency solar module as they can deliver better output during the cloudy days. The next factor to be considered is they must possess all the advanced equipment that can help in installing the plant without causing any damage to the building. An efficient electric man must accompany their team.