The thermal insulation is carried out on polystyrene based façade insulation with 9 sections. We have summarized the stage at which attention should be paid to ensure that the final result is professional and flawless.

Preparation of wall surfaces

In case of new construction, the polystyrene sheets must be glued directly to the brick wall. It is useful to check that the wall is evenly flat and really vertical. However, when building old buildings with the front thermal insulation system, it is very important to provide the substrate. It is necessary to remove the rough plaster because it can only be of good quality on dry plaster in the long term. During the scaffolding, it is necessary to ensure the complete covering of a work area and of a door-window. The use of the insulation vacuum bags happens to be very important in this case.

  • The roof insulation can be divided into two different areas. These are the areas of high or low. The flat roof insulation areas. Unfortunately, in the public domain, these two areas are very often confused. It operates in these fields in the field of flat roof insulation and we offer our services in this field.
  • The company’s main guideline is quality and durability. The roof-insulation works so far prove the company’s dedication and expertise, which they now put into your service. You can be sure of all of these in our albums on their references. In the field of flat roof insulation, their experience shows that the market is very saturated and they know it is very difficult to choose, so they want to show you a bit here and how they do it. Fine options for the insulation vacuum removal are now available for you!

Flat roof insulation can be done by a variety of techniques. The technology chosen will often depend on the renewal or renewal of existing flat roof insulation (in this case, a lateral flat insulation) or the construction of a new real estate flat roof.

The companies are are constantly present in several locations around the country where they are investing in new investments (Groundwater or floor insulation) and we are active in the renovation of old flat roofs in the panel program, roof insulation. Keeping in mind the ever-present new features, new technologies, the best and most cost-effective solutions we offer.

The companies design straight and inverted roof insulation. The floor is covered with a layer of vapor-proof film or aluminum bituminous sheet; then comes a thermal insulation with a minimum thickness of 10 cm. If required, the slope correction is applied from the EPS foam. The next step in roof insulation is the waterproofing, which can be PVC or PVC bituminous plate. The final roof insulation is made with cavitation load or mechanical fastening. The insulation blown truck offers a great support there.  

Flat roof insulation with PVC sheet: If the roof is refurbished, the original insulation remains the vapor barrier layer. Thermal insulation is at least 10 cm thick. Filc or Typar separating layer is placed according to the application technology requirements. Placement of a PVC sheet mechanically secured and welded with warm air is one of the closing processes. 

About us:- Whatever the real estate (garage, terrace, residential property), roof and roof insulation, let’s see, is key. A poorly constructed insulation can make us vulnerable to weather conditions, causing thousands of annoyances for owners and wallets. Unfortunately we encountered several cases when the badly constructed roof insulation caused the customer an inconvenience.

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