Easy Ways to Improve Quality and Efficiency of Call Centre Services

There are no two doubts about the fact that 1960s saw the advent of the concept of outsourcing; however, it was not until 1990s that the world witnessed the blooming of the outsourcing industry. Since then organisations, be it a multinational company or a medium scale enterprise or a small start-up have opted to outsource their non-core business functions to such third-party service providers that can take care of their functions at reduced costs. One of the most frequent outsourced functions that almost all companies prefer to subcontract to industry experts is call centre services.

Call Centre Services

Today, developing countries like India and the Philippines are witnessing a surge in the number of call centres. This is mainly because these countries provide world-class infrastructure and cheap labour. There is an employment crunch in developing countries. Young graduates of these countries prefer working in call centres because of the lucrative pay packages, incentives and glamourous working environment that they have to offer.

Types of call centre

Industry experts define the call centre as a unified workspace where agents answer or make calls to customer to provide them with better customer support. There are mainly three types of call centres:

  • Inbound call centre
  • Outbound call centre
  • Blended call centre

As the name suggests, in an inbound call centre a call centre executive provides customer support to customers who report via incoming calls. In an outbound call centre, call centre agent typically calls a customer for reasons like collecting payments or selling products and services over the telephone. A blended call centre is an amalgamation of the above mentioned two centres. In a blended call centre, agents take care of both incoming and outgoing calls.

Regardless of the type of call centre, the success of call centre services providers depends on the effectiveness of their operational performance. If you are someone who is considering outsourcing your call centre function to improve your customer service and acquire new customers, it is recommended that you avail services of a call centre that has a proven track record in the industry and is known to deliver quality.

In addition to delivering impeccable customer support and service by ensuring that customer care executives are properly trained, call centres rely on following pointers to improve the quality of call centre services that they offer:

Call Monitoring:

In a call centre environment where the entire business of an organisation depends on the quality of calls that agents make or how they respond to incoming calls, it becomes imperative for call centres to monitor incoming and outgoing calls on a regular basis. Call monitoring not only ensures improved customer service but, also helps supervisors identify loopholes and drawbacks that agents really need to work upon.

Evaluation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

KPI is a key business metric used to analyse and evaluate parameters that play a decisive role in the success and growth of an organisation. To increase the overall efficiency and operation performance, call centre services providers analyse indicators like call abandon rates, cost per call, wait (queue) time and first call resolution rate and the time it takes to complete calls.

Emphasis on Professional Growth:

It no longer remains a secret that agents deliver quality when they are given feedback and motivated to do better. Nowadays call centres, be it a premier inbound call centre or an outbound call centre pay special attention to the grooming and overall development of their customer care executives. They conduct regular training and learning sessions for their executives and let them handle different tasks. All these approaches not only help boost the confidence of executives but also help them grow professionally.

If you want to improve the efficiency and quality of your call centre services, you can achieve it by either focusing on the above-described pointers or you can subcontract your services to an inbound call centre that incorporate these methods to improve customer experience and the overall quality and efficiency of its services.