Australia has always welcomed the immigrants to its land. There are a number of immigrants living in the country with a major portion of them as citizens and permanent residents. More and more immigrants are coming every year to this amazing country to live the life they want to live. But in the last few years, there have been a number of changes in the immigration rules and policies of Australia by the government. All these rules have made it more difficult for the citizens of other countries to get a visa for Australia especially for the General Skilled Migration and family visas.

The question that comes up now is, what does Australia want? On one hand it is encouraging the people of other countries to come and work here but on the other hand, the dynamics of immigration rules and stricter conditions is intimating that Australia doesn’t want more immigrants on its land. This post tries to clear this issue only.

general skilled migration

Australian immigration problems appear complicated. Do they need individuals to come and work or do they not? Do they need a skills gap or don’t they? Why is Australia closing its borders to one sector, however pushing to open them up a lot of for another? Confusing as it appears at the instant, there’s a reason for this perplexity.

History of immigration to Australia

Immigration has had a significant impact on Australian life for several centuries. The primary European turn started with the merchandising of British convicts in 1788 when over 150 thousand convicts were shipped to the Australian colonies. After that, the expansion of the woolen business and gold rush created an enormous demand for overseas employees that were largely done by the Chinese, British and Irish immigrants desperate to escape impoverishment and loss of work back home, which is the primary reason for immigration in most cases. People of other countries followed suit shortly.

Australia’s migration programme nowadays attracts hopefuls from over 185 completely different countries. Migrant employees pay a lot for immigration that fills the government’s bag and they make a lot of business for the country overall as tax contribution outweighs the additional value of services. Everyone was happy and it was fine up to this point. But there’s another side to it.

What happened to easy immigration?

Australia is additionally attracting vast numbers of refugees wanting to escape economic meltdown and fear of death. Inbound via the back door through boat smugglers and human trafficking, lives are lost and also the Australian economy drained as few refugees are repatriated and thus need economic support.

Understandably, politicians and voters are involved and also the policy manufacturers try to haul within the “Australian Life” dream in an effort to keep regulation of its borders.

What can you do now?

Whilst the perfect migration policy continues to be beaten out, what are you able to do to assist yourself realize your approach through the immigration maze to your ideal job in Australia?

  • Inspect the Australian Government’s Skilled Occupation List: This list contains all the present ‘in demand’ occupations and the number of points awarded. If you’ll be able to see your profession or skills mentioned, you’re well placed to finding a brand new job. If your job isn’t listed, it suggests that there are enough Australians to manage the necessity and you’re not required
  • Retraining: If you are aged 18-45 years and are extremely keen to migrate at some point within the future, consider re-training. Some reports say that jobs can still be promptly obtainable to overseas employees for subsequent decade, and a few suppose that the method can become stricter and tougher as time progresses.
  • Research: Analyse the sponsored work visas. This route bypasses a heap of immigration problems as you may be seizing a work position offered before you arrive. There a number of sponsored work visas for Australia like the Employer Nominated Visa, State Sponsored Visa, etc. Study them carefully and try to get one for yourself.

There are still some ways by which you can get your Australian visa easily. For one, contact Migration Agent in Adelaide to get a thorough understanding of the visa conditions and how to get your visa.