Tables are one of the most essential flat surfaces used in our daily lives. We have different types of tables, ranging from study tables to light tables. Different tables have their uses in different industries. There are dining tables in diners and in our houses, study tables in libraries, educational institutions and our houses, computer tables at internet cafes, desk tables in schools etc. While some of them are common and can be used for multi-purposes, some are very activity-specific.

A light table is a simple table, with the surface made from some transparent or semi-transparent material and a hollow panel beneath it, then concealment board on the bottom. Broadly, a light table is an illuminated table. There can be variations too, like a light panel or a lightbox.

Light tables are used in different spaces because of their small and useful features. Here is the list of important features and their uses: (Information Credit –

  • The glass used on the surface is stain-free and chemically unreactive; this makes it ideal to use in laboratory conditions.
  • The intensity of the light can be set with controls. This enables the user to adjust the brightness of the light according to his need.
  • The lighting, in full brightness, is actually very bright. This is helpful for people with visual impairment.
  • The light table comes in panels, which can be hung from the ceiling, making it a good night-lamp in dim settings. This is ideal for bedrooms, balconies and corridors.
  • The panels are also used in hospitals and medical laboratories. It is ideal for viewing X-rays and MRIs. The dispersive light makes it ideal for ambient lighting.
  • Light tables are used in the fashion industry. Drawings and graphics are traced easily using a light table.
  • The backlit panel helps in reading blueprints very easily. This is useful in architecture, mining etc.
  • The light used dissipate lesser heat than regular wall lamps. Thus, the heat generated is very low. The materials used to build the box disperse off the heat fast. Therefore, it is ideal for uses of long duration.
  • It is used in the media industry. Light tables are used for drawing and illustrations of characters, especially cartoons.
  • It has found its scope in the world of photography also. It helps while viewing negative rolls/film negatives and photoliths.
  • Light tables also come in portable variations. These are thin, light and rechargeable. These make perfect study peripherals for young kids.
  • Changing of angles through hydraulics is another latest feature in the light table market. This helps the user to work in different positions on projects of different sizes.

These points usually are reciprocated in the perspective of the dealer. Therefore, the buyer, sometimes, can miss out on the key importance of the product and focus on something that is not that essential. To avoid this, the buyer has to be aware and he should have prior knowledge of the product. The buyer should keep these points in his mind:

  • At Your Convenience:

The consumer should be able to get and chose exactly what he is looking for. They should not go for stock options just because they are readily gettable. It should be remembered that any investment in their work projects, should be done with due consideration. Any hasty decision in the present can lead to great inconvenience in the future. Decide on what type of table you want, look for it specifically. Consider all the options separately, compare the current workspace with what you want it to look like.

  • Efficiency At Its Best:

The furniture should be ordered wisely, weighing in all your requirements. What might be efficient for someone may not be effective for you. Therefore, one size does not fit all.  Decide if you want a LED integrated panel or fluorescent panel. Decide if you want it on the wall or as the original floored table. Decide if would want to carry it around or if you want it to have an additional power supply.

  • Long-lasting:

A durable product is the most sought-after option. Nobody wants to invest in a product that will become obsolete or brittle just after a couple of months. You should choose what materials are used to make your table. The stands should have reinforced bases that can withstand the tide of time. The glass surface should be scratch and stain resistant, to ensure that the glass is not needed to be replaced.

  • Pocket-friendly:

All these customization options should make anyone think twice about buying the table because it must cost a fortune, right? Well, not necessarily. If you choose the right light table for your enterprise, the cost you will be saving on periodic maintenance and repairs will fast exceed the amount that would have been needed to maintain a low-grade table.

Light tables, whether you are getting it for your kids or your engineering team, is an essential part of developing plans. Quite literally, the world is used to putting things under the light, try a different perspective this time; put the light under the things. The world will illuminate.