I Didn’t Know My Library Had That! Tips To Increase Patron Knowledge Of Library Resources

Libraries are a black hole of never-ending facts, books, and various services. But, not many of your Library Patrons are aware of those services. And with online technology always evolving, it isn’t wrong to expect that your Library is spending a vast percentage of its funds on online solutions and databases.

But, even when you add so many assets and efforts into launching newer resources, there will always be someone who will go, “I Did not knows my library had these things.”

Even a pilot project organized by the NoveList for dozens of libraries in and around the U.S and Canada stated that nearly every day, there is someone who is amazed by the services like e-books, e-magazines, online learning, and more offered by their Library.

Library Patrons

So, how will you let your patrons know about the new resources?

Well, there are various ways to market your Library’s resources; let us take a look at those.

1 Get Social:

Social media is vast. It manages to reach people across the globe. So, will it not help you to reach someone in and around your community or locality? Well, it will.

By tactfully using social media, you can improve the usage of the Library’s resources and increase the event partaking.

Just adding Pinterest to your Library’s social media accounts, you can gain almost 15–25% of web traffic. You can add details about new books, new movies, or new services like e-books on a specific genre launched at the Library.

All you have to focus on is being active. With a proper content marketing tact, you can increase your library patron’s engagement with the Library.

2 Get Into The Game Of Podcasting:

Did you know that around 44% of people have listened to the Podcast in the U.S. alone? And over that, on average, approximately 80% of people listen to seven shows every week. So, it isn’t wrong to say that Podcast is of higher need these days.

You can use podcasts in many ways to drive a vital crowd. You can start a podcast where the librarians, along with a guest, present the listeners to new movies, books, TV-shows, music, or even apps.

If you find it challenging to approach the community, then track the listener’s likings by knowing the interest per Podcast. And then proceed with topics that engage your community.

3 Partner Up:

Local communities are aided by various local firms that work to make the community a better living place. You can take help from such firms.

Find a firm that has a similar focus on the community as yours. Then you can start with understanding their plans and missions. Later, find out ways in which you and the firm can work jointly.

With an adequately evolved alliance, you and the firm can gain mutual benefits for reaching out to the larger patrons. You can even spread the word about each other’s services.

The best way to find such firms and gain insight into community needs and interests is by visiting local events.

4 Use The Mobile:

Mobile has become a basic need after food, clothing, and shelter. Almost every other person has a mobile, with proper Wi-Fi. If you haven’t launched your Library’s services through a mobile app, then you are missing big chances.

With a mobile app, you can quickly increase people’s engagement. And since apps can be customized. You can cater to almost every age group.

The benefit of the mobile app is that it will allow the Library Patrons to easily manage their accounts. They can even navigate through details and search for needful resources.

After launching the app, ensure that you find new ways to update it to stay in the game.

5 Invest In Email Services:

One of the best ways to let people know about your Library’s resource is by drafting compelling email templates. You can invest in either long-term or short-term email campaigns. Create benefit-driven messages and add graphics to make it informative as well as attractive.

Your idea behind each email should be of changing people’s ignorance to awareness. When people start knowing that your Library has various services in the interest of the community and its people, then they will begin to value your Library more, thus, also becoming the promoter of your Library.

Bottom Line

Like any other e-commerce services, library services need to be made public tactfully to gain visibility. So, you must start by following the tips we mentioned here.

Or else, you can always invest in outsourcing the help from the experts like Unique Management Services. They will help you to improve your in-house skills by handling your day-to-day Library Patron services.

Use our article as a guide to know what suits you the best.