How Trucks Keep America Moving

America’s economy is the largest in the world, but requires a lot to keep running smoothly. People need supplies, including everything from food and other essentials to luxuries. Getting all of that stuff to people isn’t easy, either — especially with the long stretches of distance between commerce city hubs in the US.


The US spans an area of more than 3,500,000 square miles. Across that sprawl, are massive, traffic-choked cities like New York City and tiny, and out-of-the-way towns tucked into treacherous mountain passes or in the middle of huge deserts. The people living in these places need supplies. In the US, that means one thing: trucks.


Where would we be without trucks?


Imported goods enter the United States through ports, including by air and sea. From there, the task of distributing supplies in the United States is overwhelmingly handled by trucks and truck drivers. While there are cargo trains and other options, trucks take on much bigger workloads. An incredible 80% of all cargo shipped in the United States is taken by truck.


If our trucks stopped rolling, we’d be in serious trouble without much time to spare. Within days, we’d be running out of vital medical supplies in hospitals and would be low on fresh produce and other products in grocery stores. Soon after that, our other industries would begin to fall apart. Without trucks on the move, our nation’s economy would be at a standstill.


Trucking the economy


Few of our other vital industries could continue without the reliable shipping options offered by the American trucking industry. Trucking directly supports millions of people, everyday.


There are 3.5 million truck drivers in our country. The trucking industry employs fleet managers, diesel mechanics, and many other niche professions. These people are at the heart of our country’s infrastructure, and they also draw salaries that help the buy things, invest money, save for retirement, and pay taxes — all things that help drive our nation’s economic engines.


How truck drivers and fleet managers protect our supply lines


If things go wrong in the world of trucking, we feel it in our everyday lives. Fortunately, the world of trucking is full of hard-working truck drivers and businesspeople who strive to make sure that deliveries are made on time. These people keep moving so that America can too.


Truckers can drive for long periods of time, which can be difficult to do safely, which is why truck drivers are so diligent about obeying laws and safety regulations. It gives them the rest they need to keep working hard.


On the fleet side of things, it’s not much easier. Fleet managers and shipping companies need to track complicated schedules and tasks in order to make sure that their trucks are where they need to be, as well as up to the task of actually hauling all of their clients’ goods along.


Few of these tasks on done by hand, on paper, or with mental math — virtually everything is fed into algorithms and software programs. There are is even truck repair shop software, which helps make sure that truck mechanics track jobs and get the right parts and services to the right trucks.


So, without trucks, you and I would be in for a rough time. Fortunately, there are lots of reasons to have faith in the people that keep America moving. So when you see a semi truck on the highway, you can imagine that the delivery is addressed to the American economy!